April 28, 2010


does the full moon really effect sleep or are we all just making it up. because that would explain a lot of things the last few days

April 25, 2010


this dream was weird because it took place over the span of a week. i was in new zealand and joe was with me. at the beginning of my dream i felt like there was something metal and sharp poking my lip and it was coming out of my gums. when i was looking in the mirror i saw that there was a small piece of wire coming out of my gums maybe about 3 centimeters in length. i cut it with wire cutters and didn't mention it to anyone because i had no idea what was going on.

a few days after that my mouth started aching again and while i was looking in the mirror, joe saw what i was doing. he said the same thing happened to him maybe a year ago and that i needed to be extra careful. what had happened was our parents installed braces underneath our gums when we were younger so that we wouldn't get made fun of at school but our teeth would still gradually become straighter over time. i assumed i had probably had them for about 10 years which is PLENTY of time for my teeth to straighten out and looking at my teeth in the mirror i figured i could take out the braces myself. there were now little square pieces of wire that were resting on my gums, really small and probably about 4 that i could see in total. joe warned me not to do it. he started telling me a story of something that happened to him but i wasn't listening. i took out one of the rectangles and then another one. then i heard something snap and 4 of my teeth had fallen out in my hand. they were from the bottom and connected to my molar. then about four more came out, so i had all my top teeth still intact but only half the bottom row. joe said ''didn't you hear me! you have to be extra careful or it snaps the root of your tooth out as well, starting with your molars.'' i had no idea what to do, i was holding a quarter of my mouth in my hand and bleeding all over.

i called my mom and she was upset and flew me back to new york to get surgery done immediately. i was laying in our basement watching movies while recovering. she told me that i would have to stay for at least a week and i couldn't eat anything. they put the braces back in my gums and gave my mom a large sum of money because they hadn't installed them right back in the 90s which is why i had found out they were in my mouth in the first place.

a few days later i told my mom i felt fine and that i needed to get back to new zealand. she wouldn't let me go and said it was too much considering i only had a few months left over there anyways. she said i could finish school back over in the states and that no one would mind or probably even notice. i was livid. i could not understand, i felt like i was being held captive in my own country. i tried to figure out a way to get back over to new zealand but i didn't have the money to afford another plane ticket. i woke up, checked my teeth to see if they were there and looked outside to make sure i was still in the right place.


i had a dream that i was 30 and i worked as a pr consultant for childrens birthday parties and i was unattractive and i was wearing a visor and had a fanny pack. i hated this dream because not only was i unattractive i was unhappy but still okay with my life.

April 23, 2010

cathedral cove

we stayed at phil and anns house and this was in their back yard. they actually had four greenhouses and i think that i would like to have one someday.


riding on the back of an elephant throughout my entire dream. i was humming and thinking and day dreaming. the elephants back wasn't rough like i thought it would be though. he was a nice guy and didn't go too fast or too slow. the sun was making lense flares in my eyes sometimes. it was almost sunset in my whole dream. it was really nice and also very quiet which made it even more nice.

April 21, 2010


i had a dream that meghan and nesli came to new zealand and we met up and we were walking on this street and there were little tiny rocks that were marbled and colorful. like green and blue together or red and yellow together and we picked them up and shared them with each other for awhile and then we went to a mosque and got henna on our whole backs that looked really cool and it was only 3 cents because meghan bartered with the head guy.