March 31, 2010


that is where i am until the eighteenth of april

worst nightmare

they ran out of orientation leaders for freshman week and so i got stuck doing one because i was walking by right when they realized this. i had to be in charge of greek life. with a girl that scares me more than anything. she will remain nameless. i had to give everyone candy and listen to their voices and hear the words coming out of their mouths and also go on a fun run with them. and i wasn't getting paid. but the good news is that we had a sleepover and i ditched and ran to freedom after i poured everyone lemonade.

March 25, 2010

no more snail mail

i was on a ferry with a bunch of my friends and it was so beautiful we decided to have some fun. i stole the keys to the speaker system off the main desk and we made a quick announcement over the loudspeaker and then started doing an accapella version of the intro to lion king. it sounded really good and we were banging on the heater system. then we got in trouble. i got in big trouble and the man said he was going to kick me out of the program i was on and send me back to america. but i begged him not to do that and he ended up just taking away my letter privileges, which meant no more mail, sending or receiving. at first i said WHEW okay, but then the more i talked about it i got really upset and started crying. i stopped eating for a few days because i was so sad and also i was doing bad in all of my classes. i didn't understand what the harm was in our little prank and why i was the only one who got in trouble. there was a big party at my flat that night and so many of my friends from home were there but i was still so sad about not being able to write letters to anyone that i ran away and sat outside in the rain with a bowl of mac and cheese in my lap, uneaten.

March 21, 2010


i was at school, which looked a lot like hogwarts. we were in a field that i am assuming was the practice field that harry learns how to ride a broomstick in. it was night time and the sky was a really pretty navy blue. there were no lights on around us, but still there was a light coming from somewhere because it wasn't hard to see anything. i saw a group of people, amanda, maria, paul and laura standing together talking. i needed maria to sign something for me so i went over to them. they were all putting fake beards and mustaches on their faces and then trimming them off and reapplying and trimming again and again. i helped maria trim the sideburns on her fake mustache and she signed the form i needed to. they had a radio and were playing the song 'moth's wings' by passion pit pretty quiet and then they turned it up and were singing all the words. then people started coming out of the woodwork. people that we didn't know and people that we did know. we were all dancing in this green field and a lot of people were wearing different kinds of masks. some looked like they just came from class but mostly everyone just wanted to dance and sing to some music. so i turned the speakers up as loud as it could go. the radio started playing 'canned heat' by jamioquai. the song that is in napoleon dynamite. and everyone went NUTS. so many people came out and were dancing and it was so nice and fun even though i don't really like that song at all.

mini car

i was driving to my old middle school to pick up my brother from a concert or something. there was snow everywhere and my car kept falling apart and also shrinking at the same time. i eventually got to the parking lot but couldn't find a space that had been cleared away, almost the whole lot had 3 feet of snow everywhere. by the end of the dream i was straddling my car, pulling it between my legs into this space that was semi cleared. my car was talking to me and saying ''someday i want to be big and beautiful." it had shrunk in height to only about a foot and a half but was still the same length. it felt like i was dragging a crocodile in the snow. i was annoyed at my car.


i was at my old church and my mom made my flat mate sarah and i help lead this group of kindergartners in vacation bible school. i was really annoyed that i had to do it but i said okay. i couldn't find sarah and it was because they marked it down that she was in kindergarten so she was in my group and i had to lead everyone then. i walked down the stairs to go get my group there were only about 3 kids and they all seemed pretty nice and small. there were bunnies everywhere and pizza was on the chair and she recognized me. except she was HUGE. probably the size of a small kangaroo, and her legs looked like one. to be honest she didn't look like a rabbit at all, and her eyes were humongous black spheres. but i knew it was her and she knew me, and i pet her a lot and she was still really soft. but also kind of freaky looking.

March 15, 2010

no no no

i was in my room but i couldnt' sleep so i had been up all night talking to alex on google chat just like normal things and my flat mate came in crying and i could hear her in real life i thought and i was just ilke oh shit my charger is in her room i have to go get it or else i wont be able to do anything and then when i got up to go get it someone came in and said that they found my credit card on the ground. but then i looked at it and it was janky as fuck and falling apart and the letters were coming off and i knew somehow someone had stolen my identity. which made me feel really weird inmy dream, like there was someone in my head or trying to get in my body. and then i couldnt control my legs to get my charger and the letters started falling off the name and also bullshit because they spelled it SHRIBER but the R fell off.
and since i couldnt move i couldnt help my crying friend and also alex kept saying stuff on google chat and even though i couldnt read it, i could still see it in my head. and he sounded really worried. and i felt less and less like myself and then i woke myself up because i realized i was completely awake and now i feel like i was just lying in bed with my eyes closed pretending the whole thing. so it is 530 am and i feel weird and not tired and also like a big baby

March 12, 2010

360 degrees

i was in the middle of a field with trees all around me and i saw an old cabin made of wood. it looked like it was about to fall apart. there was no door so i couldn't figure out a way to get in. i saw that there was a door on the ground by the base of the cabin. i opened the door and crawled through the tunnel which led me inside the cabin. it was an aquarium about the size of a room with a small donut shaped hole in the center where the tunnel had led me to. it was just the right size for a human to stand in and be surrounded by hundreds of colorful fish. it was really beautiful. i stood there for a very long time and couldn't have been happier.

March 09, 2010

mcdonalds vending machine

in my dream i was taking a hike with mac and justin and lizzy and we were walking really far about 2 hours because we heard that there was a mcdonalds on this tiny island off the coast of new zealand and wanted to see if it was true. we walked so far and then saw that there was a really long skinny bridge so we walked across it and through an old boat that was turned into a house. it was really windy and the sky kept changing from day to night. but it ended up being morning when we got to the island. on the island there was a shop that was a 2 story warehouse of souvenir gifts and we couldn't find the mcdonalds anywhere. we were getting nervous because it was almost 10:30 when they stop selling breakfast. we asked the lady behind the counter and she said it was upstairs. we run up the stairs and see that there is a huge vending machine full of all different types of mcdonalds food. but then i looked at my watch and it was 11 and i said NO but it was actually okay because since it was a vending machine they sold breakfast all day. and so i got 4 bacon egg and cheese on a bagel because i could just heat them up later when i wanted another one. and it was a really good feeling.


right before i woke up in my dream i was on the futon in boers cottage and i looked down on the ground and alex and eric were in one sleeping bag and both were looking so pissed because they had no room to move. they were packed like little sardines. and i said"psst alex get out of here and come up here" and he said "...i ...CANT.." but eric slipped out like a shooting arrow and they both were free. there was a ladybug the size of a plate on the futon next to me and alex opened the door and it flew out and then we saw a ladybug that had a piece of hay in its mouth and he said that it looked like sayid and we all laughed.

March 08, 2010

scratch and taste

i was sitting on a bus. i had a magazine and a special fork that when you scratched the pictures that had food on it a bunch of times you could taste the flavor in your mouth. i did strawberry a lot.

March 05, 2010


i had a dream that everyone from the green house was in wheelchairs and they had real big scars on their arms and it was like i was looking through a facebook photo album because my dream was just pictures. and pres boltmans wife was sitting in a barrel of water and quinn commented on the photo and it said '88 and beautiful' and i was thiknng how weird it was taht they were friends and that she went to mcdonalds with them for icecream and stuff like that.

March 04, 2010

ehh weird

ok in my dream i woke up and looked at an email thread between alex and i and alex had written like 10 different emails all saying weird things. and i just thought he was bored so i laughed about it. then later on we were at my church in one of the rooms where the kids closets are and he was happy to see me but also it looked like he was uncomfortable about something. and he kept trying to play it cool and act like everything was normal. i didnt really know what was wrong at all.

then my flat mate amanda and i were in the car with him and we were driving to holland michigan. but i was wearing a sports bra on my left foot and just like clothes i wore to yoga. he just appeared where we were and said lets go! so we just got in the car and didn't pack anything to wear or eat or bring because we were so excited. i just kept saying BUT LOOK AT WHAT IM WEARING. and he just smiled a lot. we had one loaf of bread in the backseat.

when we were in the car amanda disappeared for a little bit and alex and i were driving over these big green hills and we saw there were a bunch of ski lifts and gondola type things all over the place. like every 50 yards there was another ski lift and it took the people over the hills and we wondered what it was that they were looking at. and then i saw out the window that it was tulip fields and the tulips were HUGE and so colorful. i got really excited and said lets do it!!! lets go on the gondola thing. but he got nervous again and said no. no i dont think we should do that. and i said hey how come, that doesn't seem like you. normally you like doing stuff like this.

then all of the sudden we were in a house and he was sitting at the kitchen table but it wasn't him. it was my dad. but it was still alexs voice. and he said that he needed to confess something to me. that he had gotten really drunk awhile ago and had a breakdown and smoked laced weed on purpose and that he haven't been the same since because of this mental collapse. he said no one wanted to tell me because they thought i would be sad and he tried to keep it a secret but it was a really big deal to him that i knew. it was really strange because it was my dad at the table but it was alex still because it was his voice and his thoughts, but in my dads body. i got really uncomfortable and woke myself up.


i was standing by a door looking through the empty space. i see a hand come from behind the door frame and then it is a full arm. the arm is holding a cup. i hear a voice asking me to fill up the cup with peanuts. the voice asks me how many peanuts do i think will fit in this cup. for some reason i have a can full of peanuts in my pocket. but they might actually be chickpeas i'm not too sure. i open the can and start pouring it into the cup that the arm is holding out towards me. the voice says be sure you know how many. this is important to know. i wake up.

bubble radio

in my dream i was back in new york at my house. i wasn't wearing pants but i had three shirts on. i walked into the basement and saw a bunch of people watching tv. the floor had a tiny walkway in between two gigantic beds taking up the whole room that were about three feet tall. i closed my eyes and i could still hear everyone. i climbed up into one of the beds, someone commented on my underwear and then pat my back. i got under the blankets. i woke up about an hour later and tried to go upstairs but i couldn't so i went out the garage and saw someone had moved my car. i walked up onto the front porch and my mom was angry with me because she thought i was out all night and i was now sneaking in. i said no no no no no i was sleeping and i kept touching my knees because it was cold out.

next i was at school. we were all sitting on this little cafe street and everyone was at a different cafe with their teacher. my teacher was real nice and looked like a combination between ewan mcgregor and david brent. he sort of looked like professor lupin too. he had real bad asthma and spoke quietly and carried a boom box around, but it was always turned off. i wondered about that a lot. the street was really busy and kind of dark. everyone was wearing black and i was listening to all the other teachers. one boy was talking about how come they dont serve tapped wine at restaurants and the teacher said it had something to do with childbirth. my teacher had an asthma attack and i felt really bad. i was sitting next to him and i could hear him wheezing. i looked up at the sky and it was black but still somehow there was light coming down to us. i saw bubbles going around my head. i looked over and my teacher had turned on the radio, except it was a bubble machine. it helped him breathe and then once he started talking it was actually the radio coming out of his mouth. he said he was sorry and that if we didn't want to hear this we should leave because he needed to work some things out. the radio kept playing when he would wheeze so it went in and out and in and out. but the bubbles continued to dance out of the radio and around our heads. i felt bad for my nice teacher.

next i was walking in the park with kallie and there was snow everywhere but i wasn't cold. i was hopping across sidewalks. kallie was telling me i should drop one of my classes and do something i love because that is what we are on this planet to do. and i saw a car coming but i hopped across the street fast enough so i was safe.

March 03, 2010

my dreams are now real life

new zealand is beautiful (click to see full size)