March 21, 2010


i was at school, which looked a lot like hogwarts. we were in a field that i am assuming was the practice field that harry learns how to ride a broomstick in. it was night time and the sky was a really pretty navy blue. there were no lights on around us, but still there was a light coming from somewhere because it wasn't hard to see anything. i saw a group of people, amanda, maria, paul and laura standing together talking. i needed maria to sign something for me so i went over to them. they were all putting fake beards and mustaches on their faces and then trimming them off and reapplying and trimming again and again. i helped maria trim the sideburns on her fake mustache and she signed the form i needed to. they had a radio and were playing the song 'moth's wings' by passion pit pretty quiet and then they turned it up and were singing all the words. then people started coming out of the woodwork. people that we didn't know and people that we did know. we were all dancing in this green field and a lot of people were wearing different kinds of masks. some looked like they just came from class but mostly everyone just wanted to dance and sing to some music. so i turned the speakers up as loud as it could go. the radio started playing 'canned heat' by jamioquai. the song that is in napoleon dynamite. and everyone went NUTS. so many people came out and were dancing and it was so nice and fun even though i don't really like that song at all.

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