March 22, 2009


ll cool j has been in my dream the last three nights in a row. i'm not sure why. he doesn't do anything cool, he's usually just standing around and not saying anything. its starting to get annoying.

March 20, 2009


i had a dream that i was at college and my brother was coming to visit for about a week during his 20th birthday. we were having a party for him to celebrate and everyone had brought beer over with them and it was all over the house. all of the sudden, my parents walked in and i became really nervous, because i promised i wouldn't celebrate joe's birthday this way. i had them sit in the living room. and i looked outside and there was a keg sitting in the driveway, apparently my dad had bought it .. as a joke, and said joe couldn't have it until next year. people kept coming in and i had to tell them to be quiet about the drinking because my mom was doing sudoku in the other room. my parents left for awhile and i cleaned up the house, and put all the beer in the fridge in our basement. when my dad came back he said he needed to put the keg somewhere cold, so he started bringing it downstairs. someone had re-done our basement carpet and duct-taped strips of green and black carpet on the walls and the floors. i told my dad about the beer and he said it was okay, just that it shouldn't happen again. and then there was chocolate cake everywhere, everyone had pieces that were the size of books. and i was carrying one around the basement, and i stepped on a piece of cake and there was one laying on the stairs. i said 'can i have a fork?' to no one in particular. a big hand came out of no where and orangutang slapped my cake and said 'whats your name again'. this honestly made me laugh so hard in my dream that i woke up. i wrote it down on a piece of paper next to my head because i thought this dream was so important, but now that i am typing it out i realize that its not all that funny or good.

March 18, 2009


in my dream my friend jacob was crying. but not in the way that was like full out crying. he just was sitting there and every couple of seconds a tear would come out of his eye and he would watch it roll down his cheek. a group of us sat in a circle and watched him watch himself cry. it was very strange. and very silent. but it was very beautiful, so much that we sat for hours not speaking to each other, entranced by the movement of a tear rolling down a human cheek.

March 14, 2009


i was at school and ratatat was going to play a show on the beach at a bonfire and everyone was there, and i mean everyone. there were a lot of football players in full uniform. there were old people. there were the children of all our professors. we all had smores. i had to pee really bad and i was nervous that the show would start but i ran across the street into the bathroom and quick went, but then realized that the reason why they hadn't started playing was because the keyboard player was practicing in the room next to me. it was probably smaller than my dorm room, with no windows, but a lot of tiny tiny seats my feet kept stepping on.

i went over to him and he told me he was nervous because he had been practicing this new song all day but he couldn't get it right. it was called Wings for Beethoven, and the only reason i remember that is because he then said 'you haven't heard it because its on our dvd which hasn't been released yet.' he gave me a signed copy and let me watch a little of the song and it was beautiful, probably the prettiest one they've done. which was a lot of pressure then because they were going to play it for the first time live tonight at our school. so i said oh you'll do great, come play! everyone is so excited. and then this big girl came in the room and said she went to the same high school as him and he said yeah, okay. and then she was pissed because she didn't get a signed copy of their unreleased dvd, and i did.

i went outside and there was a bonfire because it was now dark out. i kept throwing up this feather in the air and when you spun around the feather would stay floating in the air for longer. it was really beautiful. but ratatat didn't play in my dream because they were still setting up when i woke up to real life.

March 12, 2009

harry potter

nap time:

i was harry potter, and my dream was set in the movie the prisoner of azkaban so the majority of it was just me walking around doing the same things he does in the movie. except then things got different and we were in the basement of a castle with empty buckets of paint everywhere. snape said something fishy was going on, students were missing and i had to figure it out. he kept calling me potter and for the first time i understood why that is actually annoying to harry IR...L? i go outside and i am in a field of wheat and i see ron levitating a couple inches above the ground but still upright like he is standing, but more just floating. and he is petrified and his hair is blowing in the wind, but that is the only thing that is blowing. a few feet away i see a couple more students i don't know, then cho and hermione a few feet away from them. they are all just floating and their hair is the only thing that is moving. this is weird and it is creepy, but i'm not scared. its assumed that voldemort did this, common knowledge in my dream i suppose. then i see neville longbottom walking off in the distance up a hill. i can't see his face, but i can see his silhouette and i know it's him. he is humming and dragging his wand on the stalks like a stick on a fence. he is being severely creepy, but i am still not scared. because i am harry potter. i go to walk up to him to figure out why he is doing this, calm and collected but instead of course, i wake up.

March 10, 2009

another chris thile dream

i had a dream that chris thile had another album that he released a couple years ago titled Come Share and i didn't have it and everyone kept talking about all the songs that were on it and how they were critically acclaimed. and it was the best album they had ever heard, and these songs would change your life. but i could never get my hands on it, which made me really sad and i never got to hear it. and i woke up cold because i slept with my window open.

March 06, 2009

never again

slept walk for the first time in my life last night
woke up three rooms down from mine
in some girls bed
while she was sleeping in it

what the fuck.

March 01, 2009

time/vending machine

i was playing golf with my dad and he let me bring some friends. every time i tried to hit the ball it would shrink to the size of a marble. if i thought about what a golf ball looked like when i closed my eyes it would grow back to normal, but once i opened my eyes again it would begin to shrink if i didn't concentrate enough. i got very frustrated and this caused me to change locations of the dream. i ended up being at my old job except it was raining and the roof was leaking and the doors squeaked when you pushed them open. all of my friends were in the room and they were wanting to go to a party but i was still upset about how i will never be good at golf and so i started yelling and went to look for my yearbook.
i decided to walk back to my house which in real life is probably 7 or 8 miles away. it was night out and raining but i started walking anyway. i got about half way there when i blinked and i was back in that building, looking for my yearbook. i didn't know how i got there. my boss pulled me into a room and told me behind the vending machine there is a lever and creates a portal. there was a crack in the floorboard and when by peeking in, you could see lightening waiting to be released. controlled lightening is the secret to time travel.
i pulled the lever, then pushed it back up, looked into the crack in the floor and then i was at my house. five seconds after that, i was back at work in that same room-but a week later. i was doing the same thing and the same people were there, and i had my yearbook again except this time i didn't look into the crack. when i went to push the vending machine back to cover the lever, my boss came up looking really upset at me. she didn't know what i was doing, even though she was the one that showed me it was there a week before. then i remembered that it was her subconscious that had sent me this information in the past. her subconscious had kept this a secret from her conscious mind, and that is why she didn't know there was a portal in her building. i woke up.