March 20, 2009


i had a dream that i was at college and my brother was coming to visit for about a week during his 20th birthday. we were having a party for him to celebrate and everyone had brought beer over with them and it was all over the house. all of the sudden, my parents walked in and i became really nervous, because i promised i wouldn't celebrate joe's birthday this way. i had them sit in the living room. and i looked outside and there was a keg sitting in the driveway, apparently my dad had bought it .. as a joke, and said joe couldn't have it until next year. people kept coming in and i had to tell them to be quiet about the drinking because my mom was doing sudoku in the other room. my parents left for awhile and i cleaned up the house, and put all the beer in the fridge in our basement. when my dad came back he said he needed to put the keg somewhere cold, so he started bringing it downstairs. someone had re-done our basement carpet and duct-taped strips of green and black carpet on the walls and the floors. i told my dad about the beer and he said it was okay, just that it shouldn't happen again. and then there was chocolate cake everywhere, everyone had pieces that were the size of books. and i was carrying one around the basement, and i stepped on a piece of cake and there was one laying on the stairs. i said 'can i have a fork?' to no one in particular. a big hand came out of no where and orangutang slapped my cake and said 'whats your name again'. this honestly made me laugh so hard in my dream that i woke up. i wrote it down on a piece of paper next to my head because i thought this dream was so important, but now that i am typing it out i realize that its not all that funny or good.

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  1. haha i thought it was funny AND good.

    yeah the treasury system on etsy is super competitive and weird but i got one and was just like WAHHHHHHH LOOK AT THESE COOL THINGS and then they did i guess.

    that makes no sense