March 14, 2009


i was at school and ratatat was going to play a show on the beach at a bonfire and everyone was there, and i mean everyone. there were a lot of football players in full uniform. there were old people. there were the children of all our professors. we all had smores. i had to pee really bad and i was nervous that the show would start but i ran across the street into the bathroom and quick went, but then realized that the reason why they hadn't started playing was because the keyboard player was practicing in the room next to me. it was probably smaller than my dorm room, with no windows, but a lot of tiny tiny seats my feet kept stepping on.

i went over to him and he told me he was nervous because he had been practicing this new song all day but he couldn't get it right. it was called Wings for Beethoven, and the only reason i remember that is because he then said 'you haven't heard it because its on our dvd which hasn't been released yet.' he gave me a signed copy and let me watch a little of the song and it was beautiful, probably the prettiest one they've done. which was a lot of pressure then because they were going to play it for the first time live tonight at our school. so i said oh you'll do great, come play! everyone is so excited. and then this big girl came in the room and said she went to the same high school as him and he said yeah, okay. and then she was pissed because she didn't get a signed copy of their unreleased dvd, and i did.

i went outside and there was a bonfire because it was now dark out. i kept throwing up this feather in the air and when you spun around the feather would stay floating in the air for longer. it was really beautiful. but ratatat didn't play in my dream because they were still setting up when i woke up to real life.

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