January 31, 2009

the sky is water

i was in a cabin on the top of a mountain with all of my beautiful friends and we were looking at the clouds, they were so pretty and i wished that kallie was there to see it. and i just looked over my shoulder and there she was! and we looked at them for awhile, and then noticed there was a big animal swimming in the sky. like a whale or an ancient water dinosaur. all you could see was the tail swaying back and forth because this thing was swimming away from us. my eyes followed this thing all the way to where he was going and my vision shifted to being just of him. he was going up and up and up and then i realized there was a top to the sky and he was just about to reach it. he had been swimming in the sky and was going to take a breath of air once he got out of it, like he had been in water the whole time. and then we surfaced and it was a whole world of creatures like him, and they all looked so scary but beautiful at the same time. ragged and toothed and spiny but still beautiful beasts. this whole world was full of caves and there was no source of light that i could see but there was still a light that was letting us see. in my dream i woke up and told the girls i was with what i saw so i wouldn't forget. i wrote this whole dream out on a napkin with an orange marker. and once i was done writing it, i woke up in real life.

January 30, 2009

nacho nacho nach o cheese

in my dream, i woke up and went outside and all the snow was gone. all of it. i was walking around campus then my feet just started moving faster and faster from excitement and eventually it turned into a run. or i guess some would call it jogging. i was moving. all over town, there was this big building that i ran into and some of my friends were sitting in there listening to a speaker. you had to be 25 to be in there, but i freaked out when someone asked me my age so they knew i was lying. they were loading all these people onto busses to shuttle them back to school, and i soon realized that they were all really drunk because they were all older than 25? it made sense in my dream. i leaped up and used their heads as stepping stones and jumped right in through the door of the bus just before it closed. i had ran so far away, the bus brought me to my house. and everyone was just waking up. we were having a friend reunion, everyone that i liked was staying at my house. my dad walked in the room with TABLES FULL OF DONUTS. i vividly remember eating an unfilled long john and it tasted so good. then my mom told me we had 2 puppies at our house and we had to take them to their mom who had just gotten hit by a car. she wasn't dead yet but she had told my mom that she wanted to see her puppies one last time. i had to hold the puppy so weird because my mom told me thats the only way you're allowed to hold this breed of dogs. it just kept biting me and it hurt so bad. also my mom started saying that if we didn't make it there in time the dogs would turn into ceramic vases used for holding lemonade. like those ugly ones with fruits and vines all over them. well it would just look like a puppy and the drink would come out of its mouth. so she said we really had to hurry. but on the way i saw her fill up her puppy with lemonade and pour herself a glass, and that was really weird to me. and this puppy kept biting me. we made it to the parking lot to their mom just in time and the puppies did little poops all over the pavement. and kissed their mom and wagged their tails. and the mom was laying there and crying, she was so happy. and we were so happy.

January 29, 2009


i was on my schools campus eating ham and pineapple pizza with some girl i hadn't seen since 5th grade, just chatting away. then i flew backwards into the air a couple blocks away, where my friend was. we started talking about how we were in love with each other and slow danced on the streets. i turned away and i was in a car in a different city with gym shorts on, and joe had given me this gum that was yellow on the outside and green on the inside and thick like a book when you chewed it. i had a bodyguard and she said i had to dress like celebrities do when they go out in public all secret and hidden and sloppy like they just came from the gym. but i was so pissed i had to wear these shorts because i hadn't shaved in so long. and plus i hate mesh gym shorts. i pulled my leg up to show them and the hair on my legs was just...so long, but sticking straight up like i had goosebumps. when i got on the street everyone kept tickling me and rubbing my ribs, which actually felt really nice, but i didn't like the tickling part.

January 26, 2009

la la la

lame dreams are so pointless to share with people, but thats all i've been having lately. we can't be picky i suppose.

in my dream my boss fired me because i didn't show up to work on yesterday (real life event) and she said that its because i am irresponsible and i text more than the average gallery guard. but also in my dream the art gallery was in this strip mall in LA and it actually looked cool because it wasn't carpeted and located in holland.

January 24, 2009


we were at a party, and my friends started drinking really early, i was the DD. the majority of my dream i was talking to my drunk friends that started slurring their words really bad and just i didn't want to be there anymore because they kept announcing really personal things about me. i got annoyed, so by 7pm i had left from the party and was just eating a sandwich in my room. my roommate says ''oh and next year we should get you one of those baby changing stations, we had one of those last year and it was perfect for storage, you don't even have to have a baby to use it.'' meanwhile i was painting the walls of my room cerulean blue. i woke up.

January 21, 2009

chris thile

i had a dream last that i went to see chris thile in concert and met him afterwards. and i told him about the time when i wrote his manager a letter saying that he should play in syracuse and if they needed a place to sleep, my mom would let them stay at our house. he told me he remembered that. he also said that he had been looking for the person who wrote that email for 3 years, which was how long ago i wrote it. we became friends and i told him about how i think his music is beautiful and that i just want to date him and he gave me advice on my life and we talked about our problems, and then we got in a car and just sang to music as we drove.

wish this was a real life even that happened.
but i'm still okay with a dream friendship.

January 19, 2009


i was in my friends dorm room and we were sitting on his bed with about 7 computers on our laps. we were getting ready to go on vacation together with a group of our friends, and our flight was boarding in 10 minutes down the hall. i took my retainer out and there was this cement chunk on it and my mouth started feeling all dry and weird. then one of my back teeth turned into dry crumbly cement and i had to get it out of my mouth. i kept trying to pick it out and scrape it and spit it out but more would come every time. i was really scared because it was constantly taking up my whole mouth and it was making it hard for me to talk. everyone was treating me like this was normal, so no one would help me. i went to the sink and just looked in the mirror and started scooping with my hands the cement out of my mouth and off my tongue. it was just so grainy and chunky. i started praying to God because i just didn't know what else to do anymore. he told me to put the faucet on and keep it running while i put water over my eyes. i didn't know why it had to be my eyes because what was wrong was my mouth, but i did it anyways. soon after, the crunchy cement mixture stopped flowing out of my tooth and was coming out of the faucet instead and i was healed. then i left the bathroom and went down the hall to get my luggage and someone told me the world was soon going to be taken over by frito lay.

January 16, 2009


time travel including an instruction booklet
and fields full of massive blue dandelions
i don't remember much of this. i wish that i did.

January 15, 2009

jean diet

my school friends and i were in the dining hall in our school, and we found out there was a guest speaker. we took him aside and he says ''i always pick a name of a student, just any name, once people find out, everyone wants to try" we were very confused until he started his 'speech' which was advertising this diet that was spreading through the nations. this man had a bowl cut and just kept yelling things. 'these jeans are all you need!!! it worked for leah! believe me !!" he had these acid wash jeans, running around holding them up for everyone to see. people kept coming up to me and saying why'd you do that diet, but then i couldn't explain what was going on. it started raining and that meant time to go.
we got outside but it was the hardest rain of the century. we were late for the shuttle bus, so we got on the short bus. but it was out of service until 5:00. my friend sarah holbrook started talking to this manatee and they were drinking diet coke together, until we got to ride back home.

January 14, 2009

yarn rodents and fried chicken

i was in meijer on this womens retreat and we were all doing a group hug and singing really lame songs about togetherness, when i heard someone say 'psst, over here'. i turned around and on the ground was this little rodent who was made out of yarn about the length of my arm. his whole body was grey and had a pink little nose also made out of yarn. no eyeballs. when i say made out of yarn it looked like someone just had wrapped yarn around their fist and then up their arm all the way to their elbow and then pushed it all off to create this little guy. i know this because later on in this dream i made one myself so he would have a friend. so anyways, this rodents name was chertle and he could move around so fast and was jumping on all the furnature and singing some song the whole time we were together. chertle and i started doing belly slides on the carpet in this one part of the store and we slid so far without any rug burns at all. i remember trying to bring chertle over to show my friends but he got really nervous and shook his head and then we slid on the ground some more. but he could slide up things too since he didn't have any arms or legs, just up the counters and i guess thats just how he moved to get around. when i had to leave meijer, i made him a friend instead of stealing him. i thought that would make him happier and plus i could come visit from time to time.

we were at my grandma's house and there were all these little tweety bird paintings on the purple walls in her house and all the furniture was so romantic and old. my dad got us fried chicken in a bucket but i hadn't eaten my piece yet. i was pissed because we were going to go play kickball with my parents bible study group and i didn't want to go. it was so hot outside everyone in my family was just sweating uncontrollably, so i took a shower really fast and as soon as i got out the water on my body turned to sweat, which made showering meaningless. i went outside to our backyard and joe was sitting in this stream behind our house with a brontosaurus. he was wearing this old sunhat i used to have when i was 9. when i took my shoes off to get in the water my dad said we were leaving and then as soon as i turned around to look at him, i was walking with my family in a mall, going to get smoothies. my dad was carrying my piece of fried chicken in his hand that i hadn't eaten yet. i had this huge bag of clothes my sister had bought from (why is this showing up again in my dreams) the american girl store. i threw the bag down the hallway and it bounced just like it was in a pinball machine. hitting wall after wall and column so fast, when it was done bouncing it flew back right into my hand. i wiggled my eyebrows at some guy walking past. my dad says to me, "leah are you going to eat this meat soon, its making my hand really hot". then i wake up.

January 12, 2009

jumble mumble

something about hairy legs, hurley from lost and goldfish.
it was boring and thats all i remember.

January 11, 2009


i was on a road trip with my family and we stopped at this museum on our last day. at the very top was this store that made american girl doll clothes for adults, and i was really excited because ... well obviously i would want an american girl dress that is my size. so i was looking through all of them but i didn't see any. all of the sudden my mood changed dramatically and i remember just being so angry and pissed and i started running down the stairs and my mom kept calling my name and telling me to behave in public. but i was just yelling. i got to the main door, and this lady came up to me who looked like one of those evil witches in cartoon movies. she asked me all these questions about if i could babysit her dog on mondays and thursdays from only 10:30 until 12:00. i told her i would love to except that i go to college in a different state, she took my hand and said 'come with me'. we went into this room where her dogs were. one was a beagle but it was massive and the other one was dusty my old dog. i guess she brought her back to life, and that was really nice to see her again. i found this small insect right on the ear of one of the dogs that was sleeping, it was a cross between a scorpion and a spider so i knocked it off with a photo i had in my hand of dusty, but it wouldn't get off the photo when i shook it. so i smooshed it on the ground, but it still wouldn't get off. then i got that angry pissed feeling again so i just stomped all over the ground to try to kill it. joe came out of no where and started saying 'yeah just kill it leah, its really doing every good. give it bruises. just kill it.' and i did and turned around and got right up in joes face and pointed my finger at him and said 'don't even start with me, i took a peacemaking class once and i don't want this shit from you. i had to do it. i had to. i did it to save the dogs. you wouldn't even understand.' i started to run up the stairs but this ladys beagle grabbed me by the arm but had a huge grip. i looked at its paw, which still was a paw but had long fingers like a human so it was really holding on tight. and it was so fat and heavy that it hurt my arm so much. the witch lady came over and made him let go of me and threw it down the stairs, it sort of floated in the air and then landed with a big thump on the ground. i said 'fuck all you guys' and i ran outside to the car and was so angry and was kicking rocks and jumping down stairs. i turned around and my family was in a v-formation coming towards the car to yell at me but then the dream ended.

January 10, 2009

cold toes

in my dream last night i was in a room with a bunch of my friends and we were sitting on the floor in a pile of pillows. every now and then my friends boyfriend would appear and do the moonwalk on this ledge outside the window. we just laughed and said 'oh, its so cool that matt can fly. really, its so good for him.' there we sat watching a baseball game on tv just sitting in a room full of gray pillows. then all of the sudden this girl got up and started swearing and freaking out and she threw a baseball at the tv and got up and left. once she got out the door we heard her mumbling about her butt being stuck in the cushions. i think she was pissed in my dream because i saw her right before i went to sleep and she was angry then too.

there are really thin walls in these dorm rooms. and i can always hear the music from the bathroom coming through the walls. sometimes its okay, but most times i just hate it a lot.

i slept with my window open last night and for some reason my feet don't stay in my bed anymore when i sleep. so i woke up with very cold toes this morning. it reminded me of science of sleep when stephane wakes up with his feet in the freezer. it is now 2pm and i have yet to get out of my bed which means its still very cold in my room, because i am too lazy to get up to shut it. i wonder if i can stay in bed all day. i mean, yes. i can easily stay in bed all day, but i wonder if i should.

January 07, 2009


barely no sleep means i'm not ever having dreams.
830 class is really not what i want to do every day.

recent thoughts:
where is my bunny
countdown to lost
much work to do for mountain city.
chocolately delight
why am i too poor to afford school books

January 03, 2009


i don't know why ''celebrities'' keep being in my dreams. 

i was in florida with my family and we were on this really long strip visiting a house that we used to live in. a tree and taken over the house. it just grew right through the floorboards and through the roof. we started to make dinner in there and there was a knock on the door. oh don't worry its just my friend, hayden panettiere. and she came in and my mom was just tweaking out and was so happy to meet her. but hayden was really sad because she had no friends and she was just happy that we let her come in and eat dinner with us. my mom had this long talk with her about how she was so proud that hayden didn't give up her morals when she made it to hollywood and that she was a wholesome girl. and how she she did such a good job in remember the titans. i said, yeah your hair was so nice in that, i always wanted that hair. then she performed all her lines from that movie to us. and then i got really annoyed in my head at how stupid she was being, so i told her we had to go to sleep. she said she would see me in school and i said okay, and she went on her way.

this dream just pisses me off.

January 02, 2009

breakfast with beck

i had a dream last night that my family owned a bed and breakfast. i woke up and went into the bathroom which was covered from floor to ceiling in purple carpet. in the bathroom was this high school band, vapor aevum, that my friends used to like a lot when we were in 7th grade. the band was the same except ozzie osbourne and beck were new members i guess, because they were sitting in there with the band.  just playing their guitars and smoking cigarettes in our purple room. i came out of the bathroom and beck was eating cantaloupe with my family. and then we waited for my dad to bring the carved meats out.