January 31, 2009

the sky is water

i was in a cabin on the top of a mountain with all of my beautiful friends and we were looking at the clouds, they were so pretty and i wished that kallie was there to see it. and i just looked over my shoulder and there she was! and we looked at them for awhile, and then noticed there was a big animal swimming in the sky. like a whale or an ancient water dinosaur. all you could see was the tail swaying back and forth because this thing was swimming away from us. my eyes followed this thing all the way to where he was going and my vision shifted to being just of him. he was going up and up and up and then i realized there was a top to the sky and he was just about to reach it. he had been swimming in the sky and was going to take a breath of air once he got out of it, like he had been in water the whole time. and then we surfaced and it was a whole world of creatures like him, and they all looked so scary but beautiful at the same time. ragged and toothed and spiny but still beautiful beasts. this whole world was full of caves and there was no source of light that i could see but there was still a light that was letting us see. in my dream i woke up and told the girls i was with what i saw so i wouldn't forget. i wrote this whole dream out on a napkin with an orange marker. and once i was done writing it, i woke up in real life.


  1. i LOVE THIS. and now there are posting times next to everything! i wonder if they were always there and i just didn't notice them.

  2. haha no i just figured out how to add that :)
    i really liked this dream too!! the clouds were so GOOD