January 19, 2009


i was in my friends dorm room and we were sitting on his bed with about 7 computers on our laps. we were getting ready to go on vacation together with a group of our friends, and our flight was boarding in 10 minutes down the hall. i took my retainer out and there was this cement chunk on it and my mouth started feeling all dry and weird. then one of my back teeth turned into dry crumbly cement and i had to get it out of my mouth. i kept trying to pick it out and scrape it and spit it out but more would come every time. i was really scared because it was constantly taking up my whole mouth and it was making it hard for me to talk. everyone was treating me like this was normal, so no one would help me. i went to the sink and just looked in the mirror and started scooping with my hands the cement out of my mouth and off my tongue. it was just so grainy and chunky. i started praying to God because i just didn't know what else to do anymore. he told me to put the faucet on and keep it running while i put water over my eyes. i didn't know why it had to be my eyes because what was wrong was my mouth, but i did it anyways. soon after, the crunchy cement mixture stopped flowing out of my tooth and was coming out of the faucet instead and i was healed. then i left the bathroom and went down the hall to get my luggage and someone told me the world was soon going to be taken over by frito lay.

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