January 15, 2009

jean diet

my school friends and i were in the dining hall in our school, and we found out there was a guest speaker. we took him aside and he says ''i always pick a name of a student, just any name, once people find out, everyone wants to try" we were very confused until he started his 'speech' which was advertising this diet that was spreading through the nations. this man had a bowl cut and just kept yelling things. 'these jeans are all you need!!! it worked for leah! believe me !!" he had these acid wash jeans, running around holding them up for everyone to see. people kept coming up to me and saying why'd you do that diet, but then i couldn't explain what was going on. it started raining and that meant time to go.
we got outside but it was the hardest rain of the century. we were late for the shuttle bus, so we got on the short bus. but it was out of service until 5:00. my friend sarah holbrook started talking to this manatee and they were drinking diet coke together, until we got to ride back home.


  1. someday, maybe, if you let me, i will make all of your dreams into a movie.

  2. of course! my brain is your brain

  3. that's true. we do have the same brain.