January 29, 2009


i was on my schools campus eating ham and pineapple pizza with some girl i hadn't seen since 5th grade, just chatting away. then i flew backwards into the air a couple blocks away, where my friend was. we started talking about how we were in love with each other and slow danced on the streets. i turned away and i was in a car in a different city with gym shorts on, and joe had given me this gum that was yellow on the outside and green on the inside and thick like a book when you chewed it. i had a bodyguard and she said i had to dress like celebrities do when they go out in public all secret and hidden and sloppy like they just came from the gym. but i was so pissed i had to wear these shorts because i hadn't shaved in so long. and plus i hate mesh gym shorts. i pulled my leg up to show them and the hair on my legs was just...so long, but sticking straight up like i had goosebumps. when i got on the street everyone kept tickling me and rubbing my ribs, which actually felt really nice, but i didn't like the tickling part.

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