January 10, 2009

cold toes

in my dream last night i was in a room with a bunch of my friends and we were sitting on the floor in a pile of pillows. every now and then my friends boyfriend would appear and do the moonwalk on this ledge outside the window. we just laughed and said 'oh, its so cool that matt can fly. really, its so good for him.' there we sat watching a baseball game on tv just sitting in a room full of gray pillows. then all of the sudden this girl got up and started swearing and freaking out and she threw a baseball at the tv and got up and left. once she got out the door we heard her mumbling about her butt being stuck in the cushions. i think she was pissed in my dream because i saw her right before i went to sleep and she was angry then too.

there are really thin walls in these dorm rooms. and i can always hear the music from the bathroom coming through the walls. sometimes its okay, but most times i just hate it a lot.

i slept with my window open last night and for some reason my feet don't stay in my bed anymore when i sleep. so i woke up with very cold toes this morning. it reminded me of science of sleep when stephane wakes up with his feet in the freezer. it is now 2pm and i have yet to get out of my bed which means its still very cold in my room, because i am too lazy to get up to shut it. i wonder if i can stay in bed all day. i mean, yes. i can easily stay in bed all day, but i wonder if i should.

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