May 26, 2009

oh another chris thile dream

i took nyquil last night because i am sick. i slept a lot longer than normal, i think that is why this dream is so long, and annoying.
my friend marlee and i bought tickets to see chris thile playing with a full orchestra. the website we bought the tickets from said he was opening up for fergie at our rival high school in new york. we went to the show at 7:30 and were ready and preparing ourselves to watch him play. when the show started it was actually just high schoolers doing covers of fergies songs in really stupid outfits. i said, i think we missed him opening for her- or are we in the wrong building or something, this is all just weird. marlee said we should wait it out and see, so we stayed a few more songs and it was horrendous and putting me in a terrible angry mood. i walked out and looked for the ticket booth sales showed them my ticket and said, where is chris thile playing. he is not in that auditorium with the fergie wanna-be's. the two older women in the booth smirked and said oh yeah its fine, don't worry about it he will be playing. so i went back and watched some more from the back, realized they were lying to me and went back to the ticket booth. there was one semi nicer lady and one lady that was an evil bitch. i was talking to the nicer lady saying listen, i paid money to see JUST chris thile, not fergie so i really am wanting to make sure i get to see him tonight or else i will be really pissed. just tell me whats going on and then everything will be fine. the evil one said if you bought your ticket to support the arts, you should be doing that and just wait around and maybe you'll see him later. i said shutup. i was getting angry. the nicer one gave me a slip of paper and told me that this would help me figure it out. i was angry, i took the paper, went to the auditorium opened the door and yelled for marlee. the whole place looked at me, they were angry but i didn't care because i was more angry. i said CHRIS THILE ISN'T PLAYING HERE SO LETS JUST GO, WE'RE DOING THIS TOGETHER. i didn't know what that meant but i said it anyways. marlee was angry too but confused about what was going on, so she followed me. i read her the paper and said it was going to be fine, but then realized it was not going to be fine because of what was written on this thing in my hands. i ran back to the ticket booth and pushed everyone out of the way and started yelling at the ladies. they had sold me a treasure map, and basically i had to drive my car around the city collecting clues and filing out puzzles in order to then come back to this very same book and then receive my ticket to see chris thile opening up for the 'real' fergie. i was yelling everything i could at these ladies i took my shoes off and threw them around the room, i started panting and cursing, and they were stone faced behind the booth. 'yeah thats what you have to do these days, sorry' i was livid and marlee was angry too. we could not believe this. i was about to throw punches. i woke up. my nose was full of snot.

May 22, 2009


no remembered dreams lately
its fine though.

May 18, 2009

bus rides

in my dream i was sitting on a bus in a bus seat. in front of me was my friend from college. he was sitting in a seat too. we were both on the left side of the bus. then some girl from my highschool came over and started kissing his neck and giving him a hickey. i wished that the seat was higher so i couldn't see the whole thing.

May 14, 2009


in my dream i was looking outside my window, and in the window frame was the moon. big and beautiful. and full. then another moon went in front of it and i could see all the phases of the moon right before my eyes in about 30 seconds. once the second moon was past the first one it started moving backwards, so the whole thing happened again. the sky was navy blue and so so pretty.

this is hard to explain, but it was nice and good.

May 09, 2009

rainy sleepover

last night i had a dream that i was going on a bike ride with my two roommates and a friend of ours. we picked her up at her house and we were going to meet up with our friends to sleep outside under the stars. the place they told us to meet them was on the lawn outside of a zoo. we started riding bikes to the zoo, and paid admission to get inside, but then we found out that you could have just gone around the side and got in for free. a security guard found out we weren't there for the zoo and he was pissed at us. he started running after us and i got to a window where there were baby zombie chickens staring out the window. i knew that if i touched them in their state of being frozen, i too would become a zombie chicken. so i opened the window and saw that i wasn't on the ground floor and would have to jump quite a distance to get to the ground. the guard was right at my heels, so i leaped out and flew down. i hit the ground and started running, running down these long stairs, skipping at least 5 steps at a time. i soon got to my friends on the lawn and it started raining a lot. i said 'you guys didn't plan this out very well.' then i woke up

May 02, 2009


in my dream i was at the airport with two of my friends, they were flying somewhere and i was going to study abroad in new zealand. i was really excited but also sort of nervous. when we were walking over to baggage claim there was a man who kept following us asking us to help him. support him and lend him some money because he hadn't been home to see his wife in three years. we all were very scared and tried to get away from him but he kept following us, and being really creepy. there was another man in line with us and we whispered to him that we needed help and he said okay i'll do it. so he yelled through the airport "hello, is anyone willing to be a hero today! anyone, we need a hero"

 the only person who raised their hand was the scary guy and he said ''I'LL BE THE HERO TODAY'' he made us all get on the ground and said it wasn't his intention to kill anyone but if we were going to play that game then he was going to play along. he threw this thing in the air and it bounced off the wall and landed right near me, the man told me to pick it up and look at it. there was a three minute timer on the phone and the phone was shaped like a grenade. i was very scared and i was holding someones hand. i woke myself up because i was sweating and didn't like the dream.

then i went back to sleep and was still in the same airport in the same room but this time the man wasn't there and i was getting ready to go on the plane. they told me that i was to be sent on a military plane and that it went through the water and i had to shoot sharks that came to close to the engine. i wasn't trained for this so i was really bad at it and the simulator voice kept telling me i had weak arms.

i blinked and was no longer on a plane or in an airport but was on the ground, crawling like a seal. i was wearing a tracksuit and there were people sprinting all around me-i was in a race, i could see the finish line. but the problem was i had no legs. i didn't want to come in last place and i knew i wasn't going to get first obviously, so i crawled so fast and was sweating and so tired. but i wiggled my way to the finish line and i looked back and i did pretty good for myself because there were still about 30 people that hadn't completed the race.