May 09, 2009

rainy sleepover

last night i had a dream that i was going on a bike ride with my two roommates and a friend of ours. we picked her up at her house and we were going to meet up with our friends to sleep outside under the stars. the place they told us to meet them was on the lawn outside of a zoo. we started riding bikes to the zoo, and paid admission to get inside, but then we found out that you could have just gone around the side and got in for free. a security guard found out we weren't there for the zoo and he was pissed at us. he started running after us and i got to a window where there were baby zombie chickens staring out the window. i knew that if i touched them in their state of being frozen, i too would become a zombie chicken. so i opened the window and saw that i wasn't on the ground floor and would have to jump quite a distance to get to the ground. the guard was right at my heels, so i leaped out and flew down. i hit the ground and started running, running down these long stairs, skipping at least 5 steps at a time. i soon got to my friends on the lawn and it started raining a lot. i said 'you guys didn't plan this out very well.' then i woke up

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  1. " you guys didn't plan this out very well."