May 02, 2009


in my dream i was at the airport with two of my friends, they were flying somewhere and i was going to study abroad in new zealand. i was really excited but also sort of nervous. when we were walking over to baggage claim there was a man who kept following us asking us to help him. support him and lend him some money because he hadn't been home to see his wife in three years. we all were very scared and tried to get away from him but he kept following us, and being really creepy. there was another man in line with us and we whispered to him that we needed help and he said okay i'll do it. so he yelled through the airport "hello, is anyone willing to be a hero today! anyone, we need a hero"

 the only person who raised their hand was the scary guy and he said ''I'LL BE THE HERO TODAY'' he made us all get on the ground and said it wasn't his intention to kill anyone but if we were going to play that game then he was going to play along. he threw this thing in the air and it bounced off the wall and landed right near me, the man told me to pick it up and look at it. there was a three minute timer on the phone and the phone was shaped like a grenade. i was very scared and i was holding someones hand. i woke myself up because i was sweating and didn't like the dream.

then i went back to sleep and was still in the same airport in the same room but this time the man wasn't there and i was getting ready to go on the plane. they told me that i was to be sent on a military plane and that it went through the water and i had to shoot sharks that came to close to the engine. i wasn't trained for this so i was really bad at it and the simulator voice kept telling me i had weak arms.

i blinked and was no longer on a plane or in an airport but was on the ground, crawling like a seal. i was wearing a tracksuit and there were people sprinting all around me-i was in a race, i could see the finish line. but the problem was i had no legs. i didn't want to come in last place and i knew i wasn't going to get first obviously, so i crawled so fast and was sweating and so tired. but i wiggled my way to the finish line and i looked back and i did pretty good for myself because there were still about 30 people that hadn't completed the race.

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