January 30, 2010

not a dream but real LIFE

obviously you should click on the picture to make it full size.

January 29, 2010

sleeping in a van in new zealand

courtney called me to ask permission if she could sleep with one of her friends from college. i didn't know who she was talking about so i said yes, go ahead. she said 'it's colin' and i said, sure yeah go ahead. and then in my dream i was zooming down the street and there were men at different places on the sidewalk. i would go fast and then my vision would stop on their faces and they would say the name colin. and i would shake my head if the name didn't fit with the face that i saw. probably 20 or so people went by and then two of the same guy next to each other. and they said "colin" at the same time. "not this one, that one" and i could feel my eyebrows furrowing because i was confused. and then one of the heads went away and i was left with one guy. and i told courtney that i changed my mind because in my head it was a different guy.
then we went on this street where there were only antique furniture shops. there was one that was 4 stories high and it just had the nicest old furniture that was basically free and i was really excited to put it in my house. the paint was chipping on everything and it was so beautiful. i found a lot of shelves and a book case and even a bed frame and it was all super light and i was carrying everything myself.

January 23, 2010

vanilla coke

my parents had a party at our house and the garage was complete empty and huge. some of my friends were in the driveway and i asked my parents if they could eat dinner at our house. they said yes and i drank so much soda. my friend wanted a pepsi. i looked around the whole house but i couldn't find any. i went around the side of our house and in a rose bush we had a lot of the mini cans of vanilla coke and very little packets of jello. this made me laugh.

what a stupid dream.

January 22, 2010

the down side of accidental napping

i am at a gas station. i look out the window of the car that i am in. i am in the backseat. there is a man in a white truck pulling away. a girl that i once knew runs out in front of his car with her arms up. she asks him if he can remove all the cardboard boxes he left in the middle of the parking lot. he says they aren't his. she says that she knows that he is lying. he says i don't have time for this. he starts pulling out of the gas station. the girl jumps in the back of his truck bed. i think wow, all this for cardboard boxes. she looks pleased with herself for sticking up to this man. he drives away with out getting the boxes. they do not come back. the people i am with become worried for the girl. i am not worried for the girl.

i go around the back of the gas station and try to start a car that is tilted a bit because it is halfway down a hill. it won't start. i can't seem to get my fingers around the keys. they seem really fat. i look down and see that i am wearing winter gloves. i can't take them off. i am in a convertible. there is a field behind me and it is dark. i try a few more times to turn the car on. it still won't start. i feel rushed. i look in the rear view mirror. i think i see someone running out of the woods. i think it is the man in the truck. he is alone. as soon as i realize it is him, he is right next to me. it turns out this man is not the man i thought he was but actually a friend of mine. i am still shocked and caught off guard. i keep saying you scared me, you scared me. things start moving in fast motion. my body tenses up and i start shaking. i can feel my body shaking in real life. it is shaking a lot. my heart is beating fast. i force myself to wake up.

January 20, 2010

renaissance runaway

i was at a renaissance festival with hope college and were were doing a performance for everyone at the end of the week. amanda wanted our cottage to be in a clogging dance competition so katie, lindsey, pizza, and i signed up for it. we were wearing the STUPIDEST costumes that were yellow and we had curls in our hair and so many ribbons and really uncomfortable shoes on. in our dance troupe there were probably 15 or so girls that i didn't know and they were all being weird. i tried to sneak out and run away but there were big body guards at the main gates that were keeping us in. there was no way out!

i walked across this field and up a very large hill and saw two of my friends in a car so i hopped in the back seat and rode with them for awhile. after we had been driving for about 10 minutes i asked them were they were going and they said ihop. then i got really nervous because ihop was off the grounds of this renaissance festival and even though i would be free, katie and lindsey would be stuck there! so i had to go back. i convinced these people to park their car in the woods and we would walk back to the festival and it would be okay because there was actually an ihop across the street in a plaza, along with wendys and target. so we get back on the grounds of the renaissance festival without anyone seeing us so we don't get in trouble.

when i got back katie and lindsey told me amanda was being suspicious and said that she didn't want to be in our dance group anymore and was going to leave us and we would be embarrassed in front of everyone. she started running out of the room with a bunch of other girls, so we chased her. we followed her through a door way then she took a sharp left and went through another doorway and kept taking lefts at all the doors and then i realized she was just running in a circle between three connecting rooms. i stopped dead in my tracks and hid behind a doorway, i stuck my foot out and tripped the next person who came in the door. they fell which caused everyone to stop running. i said amanda! what the heck are you doing, why are you running away from us. she said i'm not running away, i'm just running.

that made me confused. katie lindsey and i decided to run away together and find a way to get out of doing this dance competition. i was holding pizza right by my neck and she was super scared so she wasn't moving or being a bad pet or anything. just resting while i was all over the place. we made a bee line through the bodyguards and over this fence but we made sure that we jumped over it because it might be electrocuted. but we made it over. and then we were on the main road and it was super busy. there was a bum standing next to us and at first we thought he was scary but then it turns out he had been trying to escape that place for years so he looked kind of haggard because he hadn't taken a shower or shaved his face in a long time. there were so many cars going past us and people started realizing that we had ran away and they were walking towards us. we finally caught a break in the busy street and sprinted like never before across three lanes of cars. then we were safe but we were still nervous that they were going to catch us. we hid in the stall of the bathroom at wendys. i wanted chicken nuggets but was too nervous to give up my hiding spot. i woke up.

January 19, 2010

12 hours of sleep

i couldn't find my boarding pass to get onto my flight and i was really sad about it. i looked for probably 40 minutes in my bags and i was getting really nervous. alec baldwin was my father.

then i woke up
then i went back to sleep

i was the boy from rocket science and joe was riding in the car with me. we were driving back from michigan. i hit someone with my car while we were in the mall and i killed them. i got really embarrassed and my mom said the government was going to come take our house away. the old lady that died had two dogs that looked just like her and they were both wearing glasses.

January 17, 2010

july 2001

i found my dream journal from age 13

i brought home 3 puppies and 3 dogs. we had 7 dogs in our house and everyone knew except my mom. i lied to her about having all of those dogs in our house.

taryn, emily and natasha were mad at me and they were throwing rocks at me. some of them hit me but most didn't. i woke up with my head against the wall.

me and katie were going to camp but we got on the wrong bus. we went to a boys baseball camp only you play baseball in the water. they were leaving us out so then we told them we wanted to play catch. they threw the balls over our heads and got mad at us and said we had to get the balls or go home. me and katie went looking for the balls when we saw mike riding a tricycle down a hill. we got on his bike and forgot about camp and the tennis balls. on michaels bike we could lift up the grass and go under it or we could fly around. since we were too heavy for that little of a boy we landed. all of the sudden i was the tree from Orly's Draw a Story. there were all of these cartoon houses that were talking and i said whats the problem? we're figuring out what house shape you are going to be. just then the man from discovery channel that is obsessed with cats showed up and was trying to give me some house decorating tips while everyone was fighting. i woke up.

i was having a bat mitzvah and my theme was tropical and i gave out raw beef for my give-a-way presents. i told carly i didn't like her and she gave me a huge present. then we went outside and it was like a tea party.


while i was taking a nap i heard someone come into my house. i heard footsteps, i heard whispering. i tried to open my eyes but they wouldn't open. it felt like my eyelids were stuck. i felt pressure on my body, like the blankets i was sleeping with suddenly weighed 7 pounds each. i finally was able to open my eyes. the room was silent and there was no one in the house. my chest hurt.

you look like this

swamp thing

i was walking in the woods back behind my elementary school with my 7th grade drama teacher mr stokes. we were talking about changes they have made to the school since i went there and how different things are. then he said let me take you to my office and we were inside in the basement but it looked like we were still outside. his room was huge, probably the size of a parking garage so it still looked like we were outside. there was grass on the floor and sunlight somehow and trees and flowers, but we were inside. there was a lake that we had to cross made out of a whole pool. it was really old and there were lots of things growing in it, which made me nervous. there was a myth that whoever falls in it gets poisoned and remains there. i couldn't believe that it was in my teachers office this whole time!! he told me it hadn't been touched for almost 200 years and he was really proud of it. i tried to jump across it because it was only about 4 feet wide but i slipped and fell in.

i looked at mr stokes' face and he looked really worried. he told me to get out as soon as i could. i was really wet and there was moss all over me. he told me i should leave and drive home immediately. i went out to the front where my friends were waiting for me in the car. i was supposed to drive home but after i fell in the pool/swamp, my eyes started feeling really heavy. in my dream i couldn't keep them open and i was struggling to stand up. i kept seeing all black and felt really tired so i asked one of them to drive for me. i sat down in the back seat and told my friends not to worry about me. i woke up to my alarm.

January 06, 2010


jim halpert was in my dream, but not jim halpert just the actor who plays his character. i dont' remember what he did or why he was in my dream i just know that he was in it at one point. so was george clooney. i was riding my bike across this parking lot at school. everyone said orientation would be really busy because it wasn't just for freshman, but for our whole school. i was surprised to see so few cars in the parking lot. there were 7 lots i drove by and all of them were empty except the one closest to the building. then there was a whistle and everyone from my school appeared. they were also on bikes. it got really crowded and i was anxious because i kept almost running into people and that made me nervous.

we got inside to this big gym and i couldn't find any of my friends. they told us that we could pick our own orientation groups based on the activities that we liked. the gym was so packed and the music was really really loud everyone was trying to yell over it. green and blue both had games and sports that they were going to do throughout the week so i didn't go to that side of the gym. i was at the red groups table and i thought i wanted to be in their group but i just didn't know what my friends had picked and i wanted to be with them. there was tie dye, which i don't really like and also that week the red team was going to do crocheting. but they were also going to do sand art and i don't like that so i asked them what the other team color was. the girl said yellow which i had to immediately pick on account of yellow is my favorite color. i told her not to be sad and she said she wasn't. so i picked yellow and their activities for the week were hoola hoop, puffy paint and some other things. i left to follow my group outside. i looked down and i was wearing overalls. then i saw alex in a classroom and i told him i was in yellow group and he said he was the orientation leader for green group. i said how did you get to be an orientation leader??? and then i got in trouble for dawdling and i had to leave.


my science class was doing a month long field experiment where we follow the migration of ducks across this pond. our class was really big so they split us up into four groups and we followed different packs of ducks swim across a lake. every day at midnight and noon the ducks would swim across the lake and we would time them to see how long it took them to get across the lake. the special thing was, every day at those times we would turn into ducks so that they wouldn't get suspicious. then later on a classmate and i got lost in the woods and tried to get back to the edge of the water in time for midnight session. but this garage door started closing on us while we were running back out of the woods. it was closing and shutting but we slid under the door right before it shut completely. we had changed to ducks but our class and the birds were no where to be found. we saw an empty shell of something along the side of the bank and examined it. my friend picked it up and saw that it was an egg that had been painted on. she told me that this meant there was a giant bird around here because the egg was bigger than both of our heads combined. we got nervous and then i got a text message from some girl i had never met in the other group asking if there was a shy boy in our research group. and that we should be nice to him because he is a really kind person. i looked for this kid but i never found him and i told the girl she was probably right but that he didn't exist.