January 20, 2010

renaissance runaway

i was at a renaissance festival with hope college and were were doing a performance for everyone at the end of the week. amanda wanted our cottage to be in a clogging dance competition so katie, lindsey, pizza, and i signed up for it. we were wearing the STUPIDEST costumes that were yellow and we had curls in our hair and so many ribbons and really uncomfortable shoes on. in our dance troupe there were probably 15 or so girls that i didn't know and they were all being weird. i tried to sneak out and run away but there were big body guards at the main gates that were keeping us in. there was no way out!

i walked across this field and up a very large hill and saw two of my friends in a car so i hopped in the back seat and rode with them for awhile. after we had been driving for about 10 minutes i asked them were they were going and they said ihop. then i got really nervous because ihop was off the grounds of this renaissance festival and even though i would be free, katie and lindsey would be stuck there! so i had to go back. i convinced these people to park their car in the woods and we would walk back to the festival and it would be okay because there was actually an ihop across the street in a plaza, along with wendys and target. so we get back on the grounds of the renaissance festival without anyone seeing us so we don't get in trouble.

when i got back katie and lindsey told me amanda was being suspicious and said that she didn't want to be in our dance group anymore and was going to leave us and we would be embarrassed in front of everyone. she started running out of the room with a bunch of other girls, so we chased her. we followed her through a door way then she took a sharp left and went through another doorway and kept taking lefts at all the doors and then i realized she was just running in a circle between three connecting rooms. i stopped dead in my tracks and hid behind a doorway, i stuck my foot out and tripped the next person who came in the door. they fell which caused everyone to stop running. i said amanda! what the heck are you doing, why are you running away from us. she said i'm not running away, i'm just running.

that made me confused. katie lindsey and i decided to run away together and find a way to get out of doing this dance competition. i was holding pizza right by my neck and she was super scared so she wasn't moving or being a bad pet or anything. just resting while i was all over the place. we made a bee line through the bodyguards and over this fence but we made sure that we jumped over it because it might be electrocuted. but we made it over. and then we were on the main road and it was super busy. there was a bum standing next to us and at first we thought he was scary but then it turns out he had been trying to escape that place for years so he looked kind of haggard because he hadn't taken a shower or shaved his face in a long time. there were so many cars going past us and people started realizing that we had ran away and they were walking towards us. we finally caught a break in the busy street and sprinted like never before across three lanes of cars. then we were safe but we were still nervous that they were going to catch us. we hid in the stall of the bathroom at wendys. i wanted chicken nuggets but was too nervous to give up my hiding spot. i woke up.

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