January 22, 2010

the down side of accidental napping

i am at a gas station. i look out the window of the car that i am in. i am in the backseat. there is a man in a white truck pulling away. a girl that i once knew runs out in front of his car with her arms up. she asks him if he can remove all the cardboard boxes he left in the middle of the parking lot. he says they aren't his. she says that she knows that he is lying. he says i don't have time for this. he starts pulling out of the gas station. the girl jumps in the back of his truck bed. i think wow, all this for cardboard boxes. she looks pleased with herself for sticking up to this man. he drives away with out getting the boxes. they do not come back. the people i am with become worried for the girl. i am not worried for the girl.

i go around the back of the gas station and try to start a car that is tilted a bit because it is halfway down a hill. it won't start. i can't seem to get my fingers around the keys. they seem really fat. i look down and see that i am wearing winter gloves. i can't take them off. i am in a convertible. there is a field behind me and it is dark. i try a few more times to turn the car on. it still won't start. i feel rushed. i look in the rear view mirror. i think i see someone running out of the woods. i think it is the man in the truck. he is alone. as soon as i realize it is him, he is right next to me. it turns out this man is not the man i thought he was but actually a friend of mine. i am still shocked and caught off guard. i keep saying you scared me, you scared me. things start moving in fast motion. my body tenses up and i start shaking. i can feel my body shaking in real life. it is shaking a lot. my heart is beating fast. i force myself to wake up.

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