January 06, 2010


my science class was doing a month long field experiment where we follow the migration of ducks across this pond. our class was really big so they split us up into four groups and we followed different packs of ducks swim across a lake. every day at midnight and noon the ducks would swim across the lake and we would time them to see how long it took them to get across the lake. the special thing was, every day at those times we would turn into ducks so that they wouldn't get suspicious. then later on a classmate and i got lost in the woods and tried to get back to the edge of the water in time for midnight session. but this garage door started closing on us while we were running back out of the woods. it was closing and shutting but we slid under the door right before it shut completely. we had changed to ducks but our class and the birds were no where to be found. we saw an empty shell of something along the side of the bank and examined it. my friend picked it up and saw that it was an egg that had been painted on. she told me that this meant there was a giant bird around here because the egg was bigger than both of our heads combined. we got nervous and then i got a text message from some girl i had never met in the other group asking if there was a shy boy in our research group. and that we should be nice to him because he is a really kind person. i looked for this kid but i never found him and i told the girl she was probably right but that he didn't exist.

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