December 31, 2009

blend of annoyance

i was at a school play and had become friends with this man who seemed sort of troubled. in the past couple days he told me he was going to take me somewhere after the play was over. i didn't think anything of it. the night of the play during intermission he told me he was going to kidnap me and kill me. i went down to the basement of the school and took all my art with me. i rearranged the supply closet and thought about what i should do. i knew he would find me. i called my mom and she met me in the closet. i told her about what was going to happen and she said she would help me. when the man came in the closet he was surprised to see my mom and she told him something. i don't remember what she said but he was really angry and tried to grab at me but then everything was fine and i was outside. she said i had to get away from him.

i went to kallies house. her house looked different there was an entrance for her mom and tom and then on the side there was a really heavy door that had bumper stickers and posters on it and that is where i went in to see kallie. it was snowing outside so it was pretty cold. kallies mom made me lemonade and we drank it out of pitchers. they told me everything was going to be okay.

next i was at school and it was fall. we were standing around outside but there were bunk beds all around me. some people were sitting on them some people were sleeping, but they were everywhere. we were passing around this cigarette and i accidentally ashed it on this carpet that was made out of bamboo. i knew it was chris cox's and i said oh gosh im so sorry! he said he didn't mind because it was really old. but then the ash made the bamboo spark like coals. it traveled around the whole carpet in a really neat pattern and we all stared at this for a long time. we tried to put it out but then it would spread like roots from a tree and the pattern got more detailed. it was really pretty. a squirrel saw me from a distance and i tried to run away from it because i thought it had rabies. i didn't realize that it was trying to be my friend because i was so scared of it. i ran up a tree and it followed me, i ran through some bunk beds, it followed me too. the more i tried to get away from it the closer it got to me. everyone was laughing. i was freaking out.

then i was in school and i was in a meeting with my teacher. she told me she couldn't let me take the class i wanted to because my grades weren't good enough. that made me kind of disappointed, because didn't she see any potential in me? i lost my phone and spent the rest of my dream looking for it. we went to a baseball game and i looked for it there. we went to a party and i spent the whole time looking for it. we went to different peoples houses and i looked for it there. i looked in every pocket of every pair of pants i owned.

these past couple days my dreams have been long and strange.
i think it is because we are in florida and the bed i am sleeping in is very uncomfortable.

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  1. bunk beds all around you = a giant bogtown, big enough for all of our friends.