December 28, 2009

unread letters

i was on a boat. and my dorm room was in a room. someone was throwing a party on this boat and i had a handle of vodka that was trying to hide from my teachers because i thought i would get in trouble. on my own boat, at my own party. i packed up everything i owned and put it in those clear plastic tubs. there were four of them in all and i stacked and unstacked them and re stacked them a bunch of times. i said everything is fine, i packed everything i own in these four tubs. but then i noticed i had forgotten about my desk and everything inside of it. i threw my head back and let out this sigh that was probably 15 seconds long. and it felt really good. but then i had to figure out what to do with all my stuff. then my desk disappeared. so i didn't have to worry about it. and i took the plastic tubs and carried them to the bed of my friends pick up truck because he was going to take them somewhere for me.
i went back to the party and up these steps and then back down some steps and then looked up and there were more steps. i decided i wanted to go to sleep. but then i was on a porch and there was a letter there taped to the wall. and it was for me. and i kept wanting to go over to the wall and read the letter but people were talking to me and i was getting distracted. i think i made it a point in my dream to walk over to that letter three separate times, but for some reason i never got to touch it and take it off the wall. and that was really frustrating because when i woke up i really wished that i had a letter to read. that would have been a nice way to wake up.

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