November 27, 2009

katie told me

in my dream we were taking shots of lost characters.
"here, have a shot of kate, have a shot of john locke, have a shot of saywer."
i do not remember this dream.
and i also don't remember waking katie up and telling her this either.
but it needs to be remembered.

foam mouth

i don't really remember much of what happened in this one but i do remember being locked in a red bathroom in a very large hotel and i needed to get away from a bad guy. they put these crest foam things in my mouth to keep me from leaving the room. the longer i kept them in my mouth the more foam came out of it, and i couldnt figure out how to stop my mouth from foaming. i think i had about 5 in my mouth at one time standing over the sink with bubbles coming out of my mouth. then i finally thought to take them out of my mouth so i only had one in and the foam was manageable. then i ran out in the hallway while the bad guys were distracted from someone or something else.
i was then outside and it was 6 in the morning. i was in holland michigan and my dad picked me up in a car and said that we needed to bring something home really fast, and i said dad i can't! that will take longer than all day and i need to be somewhere at lunch time. but he said, just please, come on. so i went with him. and we drove all the way to my house and picked something up from my mom. i went in the kitchen and said hey and then turned around and got back in the car. next thing i knew we were back in holland and it was only 10:40 in the morning. i still dont know how a 18 hour car ride only took 4.5 hours but it did.
i went back inside the hotel and down these stairs to the basement where i was supposed to meet someone. i found this old movie theater in the basement and there was a family of four sitting staring at the screen. i went up to ask if i was supposed to meet them, but i think they were dead because their skin was grey and they were just staring at nothing. i got weirded out so i ran out of that room really fast.

project phelps

i had a dream that we were watching project runway and it was the season finale so it had already been taped. kelsey was sitting with us watching it and it was cool because she was a contestant on the show. and she told us that she won three challenges in a row and the award for each challenge was 1,000 dollars to phelps dining. then she won the whole thing, she got first place and we were all cheering so loud for her and super excited. she won 4,000 dollars to phelps dining hall and she treated everyone to a big feast.

November 23, 2009


i just had a dream that you covered your eyelids in icing and glued them shut.
you glued them shut with icing. your eyeballs.


i was at craft store with a bunch of my friends and we were looking at halloween costumes. david caplan was there in a costume based on a wild thing, from where the wild things are. but everyone kept saying that it was the american apparel version of that costume. so he was wearing green sweatpants with cuffs on the ends and a brown crew neck sweatshirt with a furry mask that he pulled over his head. there was a cut out for his face and he looked so cute and little in it. i kept asking people why they needed halloween costumes already but no one really knew the answer to that question.

next i was in my neighborhood and i was walking down the street. there was a man that started following me and i didn't like that so i headed towards the bushes but he followed me there. i ran into my house and locked the door because i felt like he was going to try and get in. a few of my friends knocked on the door so we could walk to school together but i had to warn them about the creepy guy. so i let them in and told them to remain calm. then a few more of my friends knocked on the door to let them in. i was getting frustrated because the man could be coming any second and these friends of mine were blowing my cover! i told them that it wasn't safe to go outside so we decided that we had to skip school for a couple of days and lay low. i went upstairs to ask my dad if that was okay. he was shaving his beard in the bathroom and i saw brian voortman in my dads room. i said, brian. what the heck are you doing in my house. you were here three days ago, have you not left yet? and he told me that he had been subleasing my dads room out the last week and how did i not know that by now. but this was the first time i had seen him. and i was very confused. he gave me a ratty old t-shirt that had all the charlie brown characters dressed like frankenstein and i then i was even more confused.

amanda came down to where we all were sitting and told us that we needed to have a house meeting. in the meeting she told us that our chore for the day was going to the boys house and doing all their chores because they are our good friends and since they never do their chores, we should help them out and be good samaritans. noosha was there. she and i were not into this idea. at all. but amanda told us to get our crummy clothes on so we did. but we just stood in the backyard. then andrew clark yelled at us from our neighbors run down house and he said he was now living in the attic there and had a really neat couch and broken wall boards that you could swing back to peek into the other rooms of the house, and even in the backyard. that was neat.

then i was in an auditorium sitting next to maria krebs and we were at a performance of some kind. marcus regan walked past us in the isle. he was wearing a yellow halloween costume, i think it might have been a banana. something cute. i looked at maria and said, isn't marcus the cutest thing in the world. and she said, no. actually i've never thought that before. i said really? you don't think so? and she said yeah. i never have. we both shrugged and that was that.

November 13, 2009

all over the place

in my dream there was a lot of snow and pizza was so house trained that she would come up to me when she had to go to the bathroom and let me know by licking my hand and then we would let her outside. i watched her jump down the steps in the snow and she looked so cute.

then i was at hope college high school and my mom told me i needed to go take a standardized test at calvin high school, which i had never been to. i told her i didn't want to go because i was hanging out with alex and that we needed to do other more important things. she said this would really make a difference in my education so would i please do it, thanks. she gave me a map that she drew herself and i tried to use it to get there, but i couldn't find my car. it took me 10 minutes to find my car which was the amount of time i had to get over there, so i missed the test and couldn't go. i felt bad.

then will and bria picked me up in this huge HUGE monster truck and we were driving in manlius at night. we were all drunk and throwing pumpkins at people that we drove by. i kept saying 'slow down!' but then also saying 'go faster!' almost in the same sentence. i think we might have been in costumes.

then it was spring and we were in line for some concert kind of thing, but we were all in cars. i rode with paul rice who kept being impatient in line and cutting everyone but then once we got to the front he would let everyone in front of him and we would be in the back of the line. and there were other people in my car that i could see and they were listening to my cds and not putting them back in the cases when they were done and i was getting really anxious about that. a bunch of us got in the back of someones van. all the seats were out so we had a lot of room. it was really awkward because no one was talking and then three of the girls started talking about really personal stuff and kelsey came over and sat down and said abby i don't know if you know this but i support your new endeavor one hundred percent. and she had a picket sign in her hands but it was blank.

then i was in my old high school art room with kallie and mickey and mr. ned and we were talking about mr. bergman, an old substitute teacher we had in high school. we were saying how young he was when we were seniors and all agreed he had to have been only 22 when he was subbing because he was so cute and young. then mickey started doing impressions of mr. ned for us and lifted him up and gave him a bear hug. then i took a big gulp of water from this large jar and decided to stop because i remembered there were fish in them. then mr. ned and i looked through this fish tank and watched hundreds of little fish swimming around with each other, forming patterns with their bodies. and it was so beautiful.

November 12, 2009


we were in a big city. there was no sun and no lights but the sky was bright all over and we couldn't tell where the light was coming from. everything was very much like earth except people didn't feel pain or sadness. someone said something mean to me but i didn't feel sad, i didn't feel anything. i heard someone talking about what new york city was like in heaven and that it was really crowded, more than we were used to on earth. there were people all over, all kinds of people. most of them were shopping and a lot of people were drinking and some people were planting in their gardens. i was looking at an arial view of the city and it was like i was flying down the street.
i met up with a team of students in a restaurant. i had two beers with me but i felt bad because none of them drank so i hid one under my seat and took one in the bathroom with me and drank it there. the other beer got warm under the table. everyone left and i walked down the street and met up with this big animal. i was on a hovering seat thing, kind of like a flying saucer from the future. we flew between the street signs and building ads for awhile.
i wanted to go to the wood part of heaven but i couldn't get out of the city part that i was in. people all around me kept testing heaven. since there was no pain they were all jumping off things and making sure it was real. it felt too good to be true, but also at the same time it was not good enough to be heaven in my opinion. i felt skeptical the whole dream and also i felt bad about being so skeptical.
it started raining. i was in a big group of people and there was music on and people were dancing. mickey showed up and i looked over at abby. we were with a large group of our friends and we were all wearing red. my dress was really short and i kept pulling it down to fix it. as soon as we got to the floor everyone moved out of the way for us and we started doing a choreographed dance to whatever song was on. just as soon as we were getting into it my alarm went off.

November 06, 2009

does cherry coke have red 40

i was in my hometown neighborhood with a bunch of my friends from college. we all lived in the same house and were hanging out in the living room together. my brother wanted food so kelsey alex joe and i got in a car and started driving to taco bell. kelsey was driving and alex was in the passengers seat. joe and i were in the back seats. while we were driving away we saw marlee walking across the street. she was really upset because we hadn't hung out with her since she had gotten back from spain. we noticed there were a lot of people in our neighborhood all over the place. overturned cars on the streets and people running around. the telephone wires were really low, almost hitting the top of the car that we were riding in. i looked over and saw the house on the corner of the street was on fire. all the people that were outside looked like they were throwing water on the house with their hands, but they had no water. so they were just waving their hands in front of the fire trying to put it out. we got really nervous because the fire was spreading around and soon we would be blocked in my neighborhood. kelsey saw an opening in the road where we could drive out, but then a semi truck turned over in front of us and we had to jump out of the car and run underneath the truck. all of the sudden alex yelled FUCK and we all knew that something really bad was going to happen. alex said he spilled his beer on the fire and soon everything would explode. we didn't know whether or not to run and die or stay put and stay together and then die. i guess we didn't think about it very long because the next thing i knew i was lying on the ground looking at the pavement. then the car that had exploded turned into cigarettes and they were raining down onto the street in front of my face. and i knew i was dead.

so freaky.

November 03, 2009

two of them

i was holding a bunch of rocks in my hands and someone stole my earrings. abby came over to me and said here let me give you a pair of mine. we walked through this house that was a dorm that had little nooks in the hallways and people had their dorm rooms in the hallways. i couldn't understand why all their stuff was perfectly safe but my earrings were stolen out of my ears. abby gave me her earrings and i tried to get them in but it wouldn't go and i woke up.

then i had a dream that i was in a sky scraper with alex and we were on the 12th floor. he was standing up by the window and there was this narrator pretending he was alex. and he said 'the top things i'm thinking but never say outloud''. i only caught the last 3 but they were "WOW i love this sweater.", "i am having so much fun", and "i actually do think jack mclaughlin is funny". and we didn't know where the voice was coming from but it was funny and we laughed. and then alex said outloud, "i actually do love this sweater" and there was a huge window that was taking up the whole wall and "i thought this is so nice, but it would be nicer if we were two floors up so we had a better view of the building next to us."

November 02, 2009

its quiet up there