November 23, 2009


i was at craft store with a bunch of my friends and we were looking at halloween costumes. david caplan was there in a costume based on a wild thing, from where the wild things are. but everyone kept saying that it was the american apparel version of that costume. so he was wearing green sweatpants with cuffs on the ends and a brown crew neck sweatshirt with a furry mask that he pulled over his head. there was a cut out for his face and he looked so cute and little in it. i kept asking people why they needed halloween costumes already but no one really knew the answer to that question.

next i was in my neighborhood and i was walking down the street. there was a man that started following me and i didn't like that so i headed towards the bushes but he followed me there. i ran into my house and locked the door because i felt like he was going to try and get in. a few of my friends knocked on the door so we could walk to school together but i had to warn them about the creepy guy. so i let them in and told them to remain calm. then a few more of my friends knocked on the door to let them in. i was getting frustrated because the man could be coming any second and these friends of mine were blowing my cover! i told them that it wasn't safe to go outside so we decided that we had to skip school for a couple of days and lay low. i went upstairs to ask my dad if that was okay. he was shaving his beard in the bathroom and i saw brian voortman in my dads room. i said, brian. what the heck are you doing in my house. you were here three days ago, have you not left yet? and he told me that he had been subleasing my dads room out the last week and how did i not know that by now. but this was the first time i had seen him. and i was very confused. he gave me a ratty old t-shirt that had all the charlie brown characters dressed like frankenstein and i then i was even more confused.

amanda came down to where we all were sitting and told us that we needed to have a house meeting. in the meeting she told us that our chore for the day was going to the boys house and doing all their chores because they are our good friends and since they never do their chores, we should help them out and be good samaritans. noosha was there. she and i were not into this idea. at all. but amanda told us to get our crummy clothes on so we did. but we just stood in the backyard. then andrew clark yelled at us from our neighbors run down house and he said he was now living in the attic there and had a really neat couch and broken wall boards that you could swing back to peek into the other rooms of the house, and even in the backyard. that was neat.

then i was in an auditorium sitting next to maria krebs and we were at a performance of some kind. marcus regan walked past us in the isle. he was wearing a yellow halloween costume, i think it might have been a banana. something cute. i looked at maria and said, isn't marcus the cutest thing in the world. and she said, no. actually i've never thought that before. i said really? you don't think so? and she said yeah. i never have. we both shrugged and that was that.

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