November 13, 2009

all over the place

in my dream there was a lot of snow and pizza was so house trained that she would come up to me when she had to go to the bathroom and let me know by licking my hand and then we would let her outside. i watched her jump down the steps in the snow and she looked so cute.

then i was at hope college high school and my mom told me i needed to go take a standardized test at calvin high school, which i had never been to. i told her i didn't want to go because i was hanging out with alex and that we needed to do other more important things. she said this would really make a difference in my education so would i please do it, thanks. she gave me a map that she drew herself and i tried to use it to get there, but i couldn't find my car. it took me 10 minutes to find my car which was the amount of time i had to get over there, so i missed the test and couldn't go. i felt bad.

then will and bria picked me up in this huge HUGE monster truck and we were driving in manlius at night. we were all drunk and throwing pumpkins at people that we drove by. i kept saying 'slow down!' but then also saying 'go faster!' almost in the same sentence. i think we might have been in costumes.

then it was spring and we were in line for some concert kind of thing, but we were all in cars. i rode with paul rice who kept being impatient in line and cutting everyone but then once we got to the front he would let everyone in front of him and we would be in the back of the line. and there were other people in my car that i could see and they were listening to my cds and not putting them back in the cases when they were done and i was getting really anxious about that. a bunch of us got in the back of someones van. all the seats were out so we had a lot of room. it was really awkward because no one was talking and then three of the girls started talking about really personal stuff and kelsey came over and sat down and said abby i don't know if you know this but i support your new endeavor one hundred percent. and she had a picket sign in her hands but it was blank.

then i was in my old high school art room with kallie and mickey and mr. ned and we were talking about mr. bergman, an old substitute teacher we had in high school. we were saying how young he was when we were seniors and all agreed he had to have been only 22 when he was subbing because he was so cute and young. then mickey started doing impressions of mr. ned for us and lifted him up and gave him a bear hug. then i took a big gulp of water from this large jar and decided to stop because i remembered there were fish in them. then mr. ned and i looked through this fish tank and watched hundreds of little fish swimming around with each other, forming patterns with their bodies. and it was so beautiful.

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