November 27, 2009

foam mouth

i don't really remember much of what happened in this one but i do remember being locked in a red bathroom in a very large hotel and i needed to get away from a bad guy. they put these crest foam things in my mouth to keep me from leaving the room. the longer i kept them in my mouth the more foam came out of it, and i couldnt figure out how to stop my mouth from foaming. i think i had about 5 in my mouth at one time standing over the sink with bubbles coming out of my mouth. then i finally thought to take them out of my mouth so i only had one in and the foam was manageable. then i ran out in the hallway while the bad guys were distracted from someone or something else.
i was then outside and it was 6 in the morning. i was in holland michigan and my dad picked me up in a car and said that we needed to bring something home really fast, and i said dad i can't! that will take longer than all day and i need to be somewhere at lunch time. but he said, just please, come on. so i went with him. and we drove all the way to my house and picked something up from my mom. i went in the kitchen and said hey and then turned around and got back in the car. next thing i knew we were back in holland and it was only 10:40 in the morning. i still dont know how a 18 hour car ride only took 4.5 hours but it did.
i went back inside the hotel and down these stairs to the basement where i was supposed to meet someone. i found this old movie theater in the basement and there was a family of four sitting staring at the screen. i went up to ask if i was supposed to meet them, but i think they were dead because their skin was grey and they were just staring at nothing. i got weirded out so i ran out of that room really fast.

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