November 12, 2009


we were in a big city. there was no sun and no lights but the sky was bright all over and we couldn't tell where the light was coming from. everything was very much like earth except people didn't feel pain or sadness. someone said something mean to me but i didn't feel sad, i didn't feel anything. i heard someone talking about what new york city was like in heaven and that it was really crowded, more than we were used to on earth. there were people all over, all kinds of people. most of them were shopping and a lot of people were drinking and some people were planting in their gardens. i was looking at an arial view of the city and it was like i was flying down the street.
i met up with a team of students in a restaurant. i had two beers with me but i felt bad because none of them drank so i hid one under my seat and took one in the bathroom with me and drank it there. the other beer got warm under the table. everyone left and i walked down the street and met up with this big animal. i was on a hovering seat thing, kind of like a flying saucer from the future. we flew between the street signs and building ads for awhile.
i wanted to go to the wood part of heaven but i couldn't get out of the city part that i was in. people all around me kept testing heaven. since there was no pain they were all jumping off things and making sure it was real. it felt too good to be true, but also at the same time it was not good enough to be heaven in my opinion. i felt skeptical the whole dream and also i felt bad about being so skeptical.
it started raining. i was in a big group of people and there was music on and people were dancing. mickey showed up and i looked over at abby. we were with a large group of our friends and we were all wearing red. my dress was really short and i kept pulling it down to fix it. as soon as we got to the floor everyone moved out of the way for us and we started doing a choreographed dance to whatever song was on. just as soon as we were getting into it my alarm went off.

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