December 30, 2008


recently i have been having this reoccuring dream and never realized it until just the other night when it all seemed too familiar. i am looking at myself in a mirror and there is a zit visitor on my face. i lean in really close to pop that sucker and when i squeeze it really hard a plant stem comes out. it grows and grows and is still coming out of my face, and then there is a flower that appears at the end. its a very beautiful flower and for the rest of my dream i am just looking at this flower until i wake up. it all probably seems very gross but i have never made that connection because the flower has always been so nice.

we are on family 'vacation' and everyone snores all the time. last night i threw a pillow at joes head, because how in the world am i supposed to sleep when there is a train of lions coming out of someones mouth.

December 27, 2008

empty sleep

no dreams that i can remember. hoo hoo hoo. looking on the internets the other day i found this lady who makes and binds her own journals. they are all so beautiful and i am so inspired to make my own. but i don't have any interesting paper here at my house. so i will collect and scrounge and then wait until i go back to school. and make make make.

December 26, 2008


i just want a little pet. that is all

December 25, 2008


he knew that he was dying so my grandpa reconstructed a ski lift during spring and attached bird cages to it along with seating for passengers. we were brought up the hill, through a forest and over a beautiful swamp with a carpet made of lilly pads. with the switch of a button my grandfather opened all the bird cages and hundreds of white doves flew all around the swamp. they were free. at the end of my dream we didn't know if he had died, but my grandfather was never seen again. we soon realized he had transformed into one of the birds, and had flown off with the others.

December 23, 2008


the only thing i did in my dream last night was pick off dried glue from glue bottles. one after another after another. totally fine by me because in real life i probably would do that for hours on end.

December 22, 2008

the tulips knew us by name

this is a dream from when we drove to indiana and stayed at sam's house

everyone was sick with the norovirus, when we got back to school all the staff felt bad for us that we had been so miserable and sick that they gave us tulips to plant. when it was spring everything in my dream changed to nice pastels and bright simple colors and shapes. everyone was outside and the sun was shining and all of the sudden every tulip that was planted came up out of the ground singing and welcoming in the day. i was walking around smiling and a tulip said ''oh there you are leah. you're the one that planted me, isn't today so wonderful!" and all the tulips knew everyone by name, they knew their planters and were just so happy and nice. i sat right in the grass laughing and laughing. never had i been so happy before. i woke up laughing and with sunshine on my face coming through the window. and it was the nicest start to the day i've ever had.

December 20, 2008

two dreams

the first dream i was sitting in my basement on the couch after my family had gone to sleep. miles from Lost came to my back door and i thought, hey what's he doing here so late anyways. he looked like he wanted to talk to me so i opened the door but he didn't say anything and got this weird smirk on his face. i realized this was not good so i tried to shove the door shut but he grabbed me and pushed it open. i yelled for my dad but no sound came out of my mouth and then another miles was in my backyard, apparently they were twins. and then the first miles pulled  a gun on me and said 'we're going to have to come inside now'. and this was really scary so i woke up. i wanted to call my mom and make sure everything was okay, but when i told her in real life, she said it would be my fault if everyone died because i opened the door for him. so probably i shouldn't do that in my dreams anymore.

the next dream was set at school. we were in the library studying for finals and i saw alex and so i went to his table but everyone over there was breathing really loud. so i had to talk in a very loud voice for him to hear me. then the librarian came over to tell me to be quiet. words weren't coming out of her mouth though, only really heavy breathing. this made me just laugh and i woke myself up from giggling. i realized that heavy breathing was coming from both sides of my ears as i was in a bed in-between two of my sleeping friends.

December 19, 2008


this is my favorite memory. the best one that my brain will ever store.

December 18, 2008

party dream

recently when i sleep i really am not sleeping but i can just hear everything around me, like the toilet flushing, or my brother telling my mom he is going to be late for school.i had a weird dream last night that i was at a costume party and my writing teacher from highschool was there dressed as a cat. we were at an abandoned castle and outside there was a bonfire with so many trashy people just everywhere. no carpet anywhere and just trash all on the floors and cobwebs and disco lights. i lost my bag and this boy tried to help me find it, but he was moving so fast i couldn't keep up with him. he was always, no matter what in the bottom right hand corner of my vision, so it was a struggle to see where he was because i was constantly looking out of the corner of my eye. and that really started to hurt my eye ball in real life. i could see myself in the dream and my hair was so long and pretty again. and i miss that. then we got in a car and there were 4 people in the backseat and we just drove and drove.

December 14, 2008

devendra dream

i had a dream the other day where i started morphing into devendra banhart. not just all of the sudden it was maybe over a period of a few months. i grew a beard and then my face changed into his after awhile and then i was him. i remember going to a fruit market and there was a mother and a young boy that came over to talk to me. the woman said her son was a dream interpreter and he gave me a scrap of paper with three numbers on it. he told me to say out loud whatever the middle number was and that would help him learn more about me as a human. the paper had different numbers for everyone that looked at it. i told him the number and then he told me to tell him a dream i had recently had. i, as devendra, started telling him a dream that i, leah, had actually had about 2 weeks before. a group of friends and i went on this field trip and we were going to cross a bridge but the bridge would not let me pass. my friends went on and i had to sit on the side of the stream the whole day while everyone was at the waterfall. the boy told me this meant i was having inner struggles with myself and was going through a hard time in my life and that i needed to sort things out before the metaphorical bridge would let me cross. i thought, this boy is very smart and wise for 8 years old. and then i was no longer devendra and i woke up.

December 13, 2008

so cute

this little girls imagination!!!!!!!!


we will dance and laugh and sleep and sing and hug and eat and just be together. in sadness and love, loud and quiet, cloudy and sunny, it will be us!  
here i am in the little swimmy suit with my mom and ninnie. my dream is to fly a big kite on the top of a hill with my friends who are all wearing wool sweaters because it is autumn and we are sort of cold. then we'll probably have a picnic. i think about this a lot.