December 20, 2008

two dreams

the first dream i was sitting in my basement on the couch after my family had gone to sleep. miles from Lost came to my back door and i thought, hey what's he doing here so late anyways. he looked like he wanted to talk to me so i opened the door but he didn't say anything and got this weird smirk on his face. i realized this was not good so i tried to shove the door shut but he grabbed me and pushed it open. i yelled for my dad but no sound came out of my mouth and then another miles was in my backyard, apparently they were twins. and then the first miles pulled  a gun on me and said 'we're going to have to come inside now'. and this was really scary so i woke up. i wanted to call my mom and make sure everything was okay, but when i told her in real life, she said it would be my fault if everyone died because i opened the door for him. so probably i shouldn't do that in my dreams anymore.

the next dream was set at school. we were in the library studying for finals and i saw alex and so i went to his table but everyone over there was breathing really loud. so i had to talk in a very loud voice for him to hear me. then the librarian came over to tell me to be quiet. words weren't coming out of her mouth though, only really heavy breathing. this made me just laugh and i woke myself up from giggling. i realized that heavy breathing was coming from both sides of my ears as i was in a bed in-between two of my sleeping friends.

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  1. i'm not surprised you dream about lost tehehe

    hope you're having fun at home! there is literally 34018314 feet of snow here.