December 22, 2008

the tulips knew us by name

this is a dream from when we drove to indiana and stayed at sam's house

everyone was sick with the norovirus, when we got back to school all the staff felt bad for us that we had been so miserable and sick that they gave us tulips to plant. when it was spring everything in my dream changed to nice pastels and bright simple colors and shapes. everyone was outside and the sun was shining and all of the sudden every tulip that was planted came up out of the ground singing and welcoming in the day. i was walking around smiling and a tulip said ''oh there you are leah. you're the one that planted me, isn't today so wonderful!" and all the tulips knew everyone by name, they knew their planters and were just so happy and nice. i sat right in the grass laughing and laughing. never had i been so happy before. i woke up laughing and with sunshine on my face coming through the window. and it was the nicest start to the day i've ever had.

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