December 30, 2008


recently i have been having this reoccuring dream and never realized it until just the other night when it all seemed too familiar. i am looking at myself in a mirror and there is a zit visitor on my face. i lean in really close to pop that sucker and when i squeeze it really hard a plant stem comes out. it grows and grows and is still coming out of my face, and then there is a flower that appears at the end. its a very beautiful flower and for the rest of my dream i am just looking at this flower until i wake up. it all probably seems very gross but i have never made that connection because the flower has always been so nice.

we are on family 'vacation' and everyone snores all the time. last night i threw a pillow at joes head, because how in the world am i supposed to sleep when there is a train of lions coming out of someones mouth.

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