December 14, 2008

devendra dream

i had a dream the other day where i started morphing into devendra banhart. not just all of the sudden it was maybe over a period of a few months. i grew a beard and then my face changed into his after awhile and then i was him. i remember going to a fruit market and there was a mother and a young boy that came over to talk to me. the woman said her son was a dream interpreter and he gave me a scrap of paper with three numbers on it. he told me to say out loud whatever the middle number was and that would help him learn more about me as a human. the paper had different numbers for everyone that looked at it. i told him the number and then he told me to tell him a dream i had recently had. i, as devendra, started telling him a dream that i, leah, had actually had about 2 weeks before. a group of friends and i went on this field trip and we were going to cross a bridge but the bridge would not let me pass. my friends went on and i had to sit on the side of the stream the whole day while everyone was at the waterfall. the boy told me this meant i was having inner struggles with myself and was going through a hard time in my life and that i needed to sort things out before the metaphorical bridge would let me cross. i thought, this boy is very smart and wise for 8 years old. and then i was no longer devendra and i woke up.


  1. I love that thing about the numbers. I love this dream!!!

  2. i like this layout and i like that the font looks like a typewriter.