December 18, 2008

party dream

recently when i sleep i really am not sleeping but i can just hear everything around me, like the toilet flushing, or my brother telling my mom he is going to be late for school.i had a weird dream last night that i was at a costume party and my writing teacher from highschool was there dressed as a cat. we were at an abandoned castle and outside there was a bonfire with so many trashy people just everywhere. no carpet anywhere and just trash all on the floors and cobwebs and disco lights. i lost my bag and this boy tried to help me find it, but he was moving so fast i couldn't keep up with him. he was always, no matter what in the bottom right hand corner of my vision, so it was a struggle to see where he was because i was constantly looking out of the corner of my eye. and that really started to hurt my eye ball in real life. i could see myself in the dream and my hair was so long and pretty again. and i miss that. then we got in a car and there were 4 people in the backseat and we just drove and drove.

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