November 06, 2009

does cherry coke have red 40

i was in my hometown neighborhood with a bunch of my friends from college. we all lived in the same house and were hanging out in the living room together. my brother wanted food so kelsey alex joe and i got in a car and started driving to taco bell. kelsey was driving and alex was in the passengers seat. joe and i were in the back seats. while we were driving away we saw marlee walking across the street. she was really upset because we hadn't hung out with her since she had gotten back from spain. we noticed there were a lot of people in our neighborhood all over the place. overturned cars on the streets and people running around. the telephone wires were really low, almost hitting the top of the car that we were riding in. i looked over and saw the house on the corner of the street was on fire. all the people that were outside looked like they were throwing water on the house with their hands, but they had no water. so they were just waving their hands in front of the fire trying to put it out. we got really nervous because the fire was spreading around and soon we would be blocked in my neighborhood. kelsey saw an opening in the road where we could drive out, but then a semi truck turned over in front of us and we had to jump out of the car and run underneath the truck. all of the sudden alex yelled FUCK and we all knew that something really bad was going to happen. alex said he spilled his beer on the fire and soon everything would explode. we didn't know whether or not to run and die or stay put and stay together and then die. i guess we didn't think about it very long because the next thing i knew i was lying on the ground looking at the pavement. then the car that had exploded turned into cigarettes and they were raining down onto the street in front of my face. and i knew i was dead.

so freaky.

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