November 03, 2009

two of them

i was holding a bunch of rocks in my hands and someone stole my earrings. abby came over to me and said here let me give you a pair of mine. we walked through this house that was a dorm that had little nooks in the hallways and people had their dorm rooms in the hallways. i couldn't understand why all their stuff was perfectly safe but my earrings were stolen out of my ears. abby gave me her earrings and i tried to get them in but it wouldn't go and i woke up.

then i had a dream that i was in a sky scraper with alex and we were on the 12th floor. he was standing up by the window and there was this narrator pretending he was alex. and he said 'the top things i'm thinking but never say outloud''. i only caught the last 3 but they were "WOW i love this sweater.", "i am having so much fun", and "i actually do think jack mclaughlin is funny". and we didn't know where the voice was coming from but it was funny and we laughed. and then alex said outloud, "i actually do love this sweater" and there was a huge window that was taking up the whole wall and "i thought this is so nice, but it would be nicer if we were two floors up so we had a better view of the building next to us."

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