December 21, 2009

lava explosions

i was on some sort of a scavenger hunt with two other people, one of them i think was my brother. we were staying in a hotel and i walked down the street to go to a museum. i asked the lady at the desk how i could transfer my mail to the front desk of this museum while i was staying doing the scavenger hunt. she said it was very easy and hey look at that i already had mail to pick up. it was a letter from alex and the stamp was a picture of a lion that said 'you are my lion'. i was so excited to read this letter and it looked like a pretty good one but i had to get going. i held onto it throughout the whole dream and was waiting to open it. i left the museum which was full of so many plastic orbs and i wondered what the museum actually was a museum for.

then i was in a field with my scavenger hunt team and there was a big sand pit inside of a tennis court. there were large rocks that we lifted up together and there were 12 red squishy balls full of liquid that were underneath each boulder. they looked kind of like gushers, the same size and feel when you touched them. our job was to light them on fire and then our clue would come after we did that. we lit the balls and realized that soon they would explode the boulders and cause the lava underneath the sand to erupt out at us. i kept saying we needed to run away, far away from the sand pit but my teammates were talking to each other and were distracted. i got up and started moving away and saw that a team behind us had lit their boulder already and it was about to explode. we were in danger. it erupted and lava started flowing about 10 seconds after the explosion. then because of that explosion, our boulder exploded too and lava started coming out right at us. i was screaming at my teammates and they finally started getting up but they were too late. the lava started getting on their feet and burning their flesh. i didn't know what to do. i was running as fast as i could to get away from the lava and was barely reaching safety but i wanted to go back and help them. they eventually got to safety with charred feet. we were very scared. i still had the letter in my arm. i was about to open it and then i woke up.

fell back asleep. i was at college. we were in a big baseball field in a forest. there was an empty parking lot and a group of us were getting ready to go to the beach because we didn't have class that day. we fit 9 people in a van and then i called alex and said that he couldn't fit in our car because he had been sleeping. eric and ethan were in the van and they asked the driver if we could stop at the dollar store so they could pick something up for the beach. she dropped them off and they were inside for probably 15 minutes. i got impatient and went in the store. eric was throwing up in the isle and said he was sorry but he was very hungover. then he started laughing. i was confused. ethan came over with walkie-talkies that he had bought and we got really excited to use them.

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