January 29, 2010

sleeping in a van in new zealand

courtney called me to ask permission if she could sleep with one of her friends from college. i didn't know who she was talking about so i said yes, go ahead. she said 'it's colin' and i said, sure yeah go ahead. and then in my dream i was zooming down the street and there were men at different places on the sidewalk. i would go fast and then my vision would stop on their faces and they would say the name colin. and i would shake my head if the name didn't fit with the face that i saw. probably 20 or so people went by and then two of the same guy next to each other. and they said "colin" at the same time. "not this one, that one" and i could feel my eyebrows furrowing because i was confused. and then one of the heads went away and i was left with one guy. and i told courtney that i changed my mind because in my head it was a different guy.
then we went on this street where there were only antique furniture shops. there was one that was 4 stories high and it just had the nicest old furniture that was basically free and i was really excited to put it in my house. the paint was chipping on everything and it was so beautiful. i found a lot of shelves and a book case and even a bed frame and it was all super light and i was carrying everything myself.

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