January 17, 2010

swamp thing

i was walking in the woods back behind my elementary school with my 7th grade drama teacher mr stokes. we were talking about changes they have made to the school since i went there and how different things are. then he said let me take you to my office and we were inside in the basement but it looked like we were still outside. his room was huge, probably the size of a parking garage so it still looked like we were outside. there was grass on the floor and sunlight somehow and trees and flowers, but we were inside. there was a lake that we had to cross made out of a whole pool. it was really old and there were lots of things growing in it, which made me nervous. there was a myth that whoever falls in it gets poisoned and remains there. i couldn't believe that it was in my teachers office this whole time!! he told me it hadn't been touched for almost 200 years and he was really proud of it. i tried to jump across it because it was only about 4 feet wide but i slipped and fell in.

i looked at mr stokes' face and he looked really worried. he told me to get out as soon as i could. i was really wet and there was moss all over me. he told me i should leave and drive home immediately. i went out to the front where my friends were waiting for me in the car. i was supposed to drive home but after i fell in the pool/swamp, my eyes started feeling really heavy. in my dream i couldn't keep them open and i was struggling to stand up. i kept seeing all black and felt really tired so i asked one of them to drive for me. i sat down in the back seat and told my friends not to worry about me. i woke up to my alarm.

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