January 17, 2010

july 2001

i found my dream journal from age 13

i brought home 3 puppies and 3 dogs. we had 7 dogs in our house and everyone knew except my mom. i lied to her about having all of those dogs in our house.

taryn, emily and natasha were mad at me and they were throwing rocks at me. some of them hit me but most didn't. i woke up with my head against the wall.

me and katie were going to camp but we got on the wrong bus. we went to a boys baseball camp only you play baseball in the water. they were leaving us out so then we told them we wanted to play catch. they threw the balls over our heads and got mad at us and said we had to get the balls or go home. me and katie went looking for the balls when we saw mike riding a tricycle down a hill. we got on his bike and forgot about camp and the tennis balls. on michaels bike we could lift up the grass and go under it or we could fly around. since we were too heavy for that little of a boy we landed. all of the sudden i was the tree from Orly's Draw a Story. there were all of these cartoon houses that were talking and i said whats the problem? we're figuring out what house shape you are going to be. just then the man from discovery channel that is obsessed with cats showed up and was trying to give me some house decorating tips while everyone was fighting. i woke up.

i was having a bat mitzvah and my theme was tropical and i gave out raw beef for my give-a-way presents. i told carly i didn't like her and she gave me a huge present. then we went outside and it was like a tea party.

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