January 06, 2010


jim halpert was in my dream, but not jim halpert just the actor who plays his character. i dont' remember what he did or why he was in my dream i just know that he was in it at one point. so was george clooney. i was riding my bike across this parking lot at school. everyone said orientation would be really busy because it wasn't just for freshman, but for our whole school. i was surprised to see so few cars in the parking lot. there were 7 lots i drove by and all of them were empty except the one closest to the building. then there was a whistle and everyone from my school appeared. they were also on bikes. it got really crowded and i was anxious because i kept almost running into people and that made me nervous.

we got inside to this big gym and i couldn't find any of my friends. they told us that we could pick our own orientation groups based on the activities that we liked. the gym was so packed and the music was really really loud everyone was trying to yell over it. green and blue both had games and sports that they were going to do throughout the week so i didn't go to that side of the gym. i was at the red groups table and i thought i wanted to be in their group but i just didn't know what my friends had picked and i wanted to be with them. there was tie dye, which i don't really like and also that week the red team was going to do crocheting. but they were also going to do sand art and i don't like that so i asked them what the other team color was. the girl said yellow which i had to immediately pick on account of yellow is my favorite color. i told her not to be sad and she said she wasn't. so i picked yellow and their activities for the week were hoola hoop, puffy paint and some other things. i left to follow my group outside. i looked down and i was wearing overalls. then i saw alex in a classroom and i told him i was in yellow group and he said he was the orientation leader for green group. i said how did you get to be an orientation leader??? and then i got in trouble for dawdling and i had to leave.

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  1. you should never get in trouble for dawdling. PS overalls are awesome, i miss them