April 30, 2009

a very long dream

it was tulip time in my dream and i was walking down the street in holland by myself. i noticed there were a lot more children around campus than usual but it didn't phase me. i met up with my friends and we were playing in the park until the sun went down. all of the sudden we heard this siren and everyone but me knew what it meant. we all ran for cover, i opened up the door to this old run down house and hid in the cellar behind a wheelbarrow full of dirt. i got down on the floor and my friends ethan and adam were right next to me. i had no idea where everyone else was but was so scared for my own safety i didn't care at all.

it turns out all the kids that were around holland were actually in a gang and they came to take prisoners to their headmaster tonight. the siren was their battle cry and it meant they were coming for us. we were fairly well hidden, but apparently we had gotten into one of the buildings that was a specific gangs meeting place. they all came in, but didn't see us. one tipped over the wheelbarrow and the dirt covered us but we were very visible. the children were talking about how they needed at least two sacrifices to bring tonight and they didn't have any. one looked over and saw us, and that was the end of our hiding. we couldn't fight them because they had weapons. they ended up taking just me, they said what they really needed was someone to french braid everyones hair before the sacrificing tonight and i said i would do it if i wasn't harmed. they took me outside and there were clusters of gangs all around with captured civilians sitting on blankets. there was a large windmill in the center of the park and that is where their leader was. 

i don't remember how i got away, but i was on the run for the rest of my dream. from pirates in big dark cloaks at first, then i hopped on a train and got away from everyone for awhile. it seemed like everyone was out to get me, i trusted no one. i ended up meeting up with my brother and my other friend in a grocery store that we thought was deserted. it turns out...it wasn't and this time there were a group of our old friends that had weapons, they needed to protect themselves from us but when we tried to tell them we weren't dangerous they became even more scared. someone shot my friend in the leg and he disappeared. i hid in the bakery section on the floor and looked out through the holes of one of the bagels at what was happening. they came over and put joe and i in these seats against the wall. they had their guns pointed at us and i thought we were going to die and was preparing myself for death.

then across the room on one of the doors a light came on and started blinking. our old friends with the weapons new immediately what this meant and huddled around the door on the ground with the weapons pointed now at the door instead of at my brother and i. we asked them what was coming out of there, and they said ''its either our saviors, or something much worse''. the door opened and there was a group of people, all in their 30s, just looking like average people-all of different ethnicities, and one of them was known around the area to be an ex-vampire. everyone with the weapons looked relieved but also surprised and shocked. someone said that they fulfilled the prophecy and that the stream always has an end. joe and i had no idea what this meant, but someone came over and told us that because both of us were sitting in the chairs that meant that the time came for rescue to appear, and that the end of the fighting was near. 

we went through the door with the blinking light on it, up an escalator to the outside world. but while we were on the escalator the ex vampire got really weird and kept trying to grab me. no one else was phased, they all just looked so happy that everything was going to work out. the vampire's nails steadily grew more pointy when he was reaching for me, saying 'you're right, there IS an end to every stream, but it can always flow backwards again.' i got pissed that this vampire wouldn't let me have a happy ending to my dream so i woke myself up.

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