April 24, 2009


my friends were all going to a party and i had to take care of someone's dog and bring it around with us that night. but this was the kind of dog that you really think is so ugly but the owner always says how cute they are so you maybe think something is wrong with you because, why isn't this dog cute to your eyeballs? and i really did think it was ugly, it looked like a sea urchin and a pig combined into dog form. for some reason it would get off it's leash and then run its head back into the loop so it just kept pissing me off. and when we left i realized that the whole front lawn was covered in huge piles of dog poop. the thing about this dog poop was that each pile was bigger than the dog itself, which made me hate this dog even more because how could a dog that little poop so many hundreds of times. and why didn't this owner ever clean it up, and why was i taking this dog to a college party.

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