April 23, 2009

no summer in japan

alex and i were riding bikes around town, i got a call from a girl saying we had to pick up an album from a specific house in the area. this man had the soundtrack to a movie we had just seen. a japanese composer who created beautiful scores for movies and plays. as soon as i said i would find the house my bike became really hard to pedal and i couldn't get up the hill. the girl on the phone said i needed to get to 'Limb' street which thankfully was the street i was on, i turned right and saw the house. i went inside and the girl on the phone was there, playing music on a huge phonograph. she told us that the album when translated was called ''There's No Summer in Japan''. every song on the album, after translation was the same word, so there were eight tracks on the album all having the same song title.

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