January 14, 2009

yarn rodents and fried chicken

i was in meijer on this womens retreat and we were all doing a group hug and singing really lame songs about togetherness, when i heard someone say 'psst, over here'. i turned around and on the ground was this little rodent who was made out of yarn about the length of my arm. his whole body was grey and had a pink little nose also made out of yarn. no eyeballs. when i say made out of yarn it looked like someone just had wrapped yarn around their fist and then up their arm all the way to their elbow and then pushed it all off to create this little guy. i know this because later on in this dream i made one myself so he would have a friend. so anyways, this rodents name was chertle and he could move around so fast and was jumping on all the furnature and singing some song the whole time we were together. chertle and i started doing belly slides on the carpet in this one part of the store and we slid so far without any rug burns at all. i remember trying to bring chertle over to show my friends but he got really nervous and shook his head and then we slid on the ground some more. but he could slide up things too since he didn't have any arms or legs, just up the counters and i guess thats just how he moved to get around. when i had to leave meijer, i made him a friend instead of stealing him. i thought that would make him happier and plus i could come visit from time to time.

we were at my grandma's house and there were all these little tweety bird paintings on the purple walls in her house and all the furniture was so romantic and old. my dad got us fried chicken in a bucket but i hadn't eaten my piece yet. i was pissed because we were going to go play kickball with my parents bible study group and i didn't want to go. it was so hot outside everyone in my family was just sweating uncontrollably, so i took a shower really fast and as soon as i got out the water on my body turned to sweat, which made showering meaningless. i went outside to our backyard and joe was sitting in this stream behind our house with a brontosaurus. he was wearing this old sunhat i used to have when i was 9. when i took my shoes off to get in the water my dad said we were leaving and then as soon as i turned around to look at him, i was walking with my family in a mall, going to get smoothies. my dad was carrying my piece of fried chicken in his hand that i hadn't eaten yet. i had this huge bag of clothes my sister had bought from (why is this showing up again in my dreams) the american girl store. i threw the bag down the hallway and it bounced just like it was in a pinball machine. hitting wall after wall and column so fast, when it was done bouncing it flew back right into my hand. i wiggled my eyebrows at some guy walking past. my dad says to me, "leah are you going to eat this meat soon, its making my hand really hot". then i wake up.

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