January 30, 2009

nacho nacho nach o cheese

in my dream, i woke up and went outside and all the snow was gone. all of it. i was walking around campus then my feet just started moving faster and faster from excitement and eventually it turned into a run. or i guess some would call it jogging. i was moving. all over town, there was this big building that i ran into and some of my friends were sitting in there listening to a speaker. you had to be 25 to be in there, but i freaked out when someone asked me my age so they knew i was lying. they were loading all these people onto busses to shuttle them back to school, and i soon realized that they were all really drunk because they were all older than 25? it made sense in my dream. i leaped up and used their heads as stepping stones and jumped right in through the door of the bus just before it closed. i had ran so far away, the bus brought me to my house. and everyone was just waking up. we were having a friend reunion, everyone that i liked was staying at my house. my dad walked in the room with TABLES FULL OF DONUTS. i vividly remember eating an unfilled long john and it tasted so good. then my mom told me we had 2 puppies at our house and we had to take them to their mom who had just gotten hit by a car. she wasn't dead yet but she had told my mom that she wanted to see her puppies one last time. i had to hold the puppy so weird because my mom told me thats the only way you're allowed to hold this breed of dogs. it just kept biting me and it hurt so bad. also my mom started saying that if we didn't make it there in time the dogs would turn into ceramic vases used for holding lemonade. like those ugly ones with fruits and vines all over them. well it would just look like a puppy and the drink would come out of its mouth. so she said we really had to hurry. but on the way i saw her fill up her puppy with lemonade and pour herself a glass, and that was really weird to me. and this puppy kept biting me. we made it to the parking lot to their mom just in time and the puppies did little poops all over the pavement. and kissed their mom and wagged their tails. and the mom was laying there and crying, she was so happy. and we were so happy.


  1. I wish I could see what time you post these so that I could know how soon after you wake up you write these down

  2. probably like 3 minutes :)
    but i don't know how to change it so you can see!!!