January 11, 2009


i was on a road trip with my family and we stopped at this museum on our last day. at the very top was this store that made american girl doll clothes for adults, and i was really excited because ... well obviously i would want an american girl dress that is my size. so i was looking through all of them but i didn't see any. all of the sudden my mood changed dramatically and i remember just being so angry and pissed and i started running down the stairs and my mom kept calling my name and telling me to behave in public. but i was just yelling. i got to the main door, and this lady came up to me who looked like one of those evil witches in cartoon movies. she asked me all these questions about if i could babysit her dog on mondays and thursdays from only 10:30 until 12:00. i told her i would love to except that i go to college in a different state, she took my hand and said 'come with me'. we went into this room where her dogs were. one was a beagle but it was massive and the other one was dusty my old dog. i guess she brought her back to life, and that was really nice to see her again. i found this small insect right on the ear of one of the dogs that was sleeping, it was a cross between a scorpion and a spider so i knocked it off with a photo i had in my hand of dusty, but it wouldn't get off the photo when i shook it. so i smooshed it on the ground, but it still wouldn't get off. then i got that angry pissed feeling again so i just stomped all over the ground to try to kill it. joe came out of no where and started saying 'yeah just kill it leah, its really doing every good. give it bruises. just kill it.' and i did and turned around and got right up in joes face and pointed my finger at him and said 'don't even start with me, i took a peacemaking class once and i don't want this shit from you. i had to do it. i had to. i did it to save the dogs. you wouldn't even understand.' i started to run up the stairs but this ladys beagle grabbed me by the arm but had a huge grip. i looked at its paw, which still was a paw but had long fingers like a human so it was really holding on tight. and it was so fat and heavy that it hurt my arm so much. the witch lady came over and made him let go of me and threw it down the stairs, it sort of floated in the air and then landed with a big thump on the ground. i said 'fuck all you guys' and i ran outside to the car and was so angry and was kicking rocks and jumping down stairs. i turned around and my family was in a v-formation coming towards the car to yell at me but then the dream ended.

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