January 03, 2009


i don't know why ''celebrities'' keep being in my dreams. 

i was in florida with my family and we were on this really long strip visiting a house that we used to live in. a tree and taken over the house. it just grew right through the floorboards and through the roof. we started to make dinner in there and there was a knock on the door. oh don't worry its just my friend, hayden panettiere. and she came in and my mom was just tweaking out and was so happy to meet her. but hayden was really sad because she had no friends and she was just happy that we let her come in and eat dinner with us. my mom had this long talk with her about how she was so proud that hayden didn't give up her morals when she made it to hollywood and that she was a wholesome girl. and how she she did such a good job in remember the titans. i said, yeah your hair was so nice in that, i always wanted that hair. then she performed all her lines from that movie to us. and then i got really annoyed in my head at how stupid she was being, so i told her we had to go to sleep. she said she would see me in school and i said okay, and she went on her way.

this dream just pisses me off.

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  1. why didn't you visit me in flordia, in that dream. It prolly would it made it better.