March 01, 2009

time/vending machine

i was playing golf with my dad and he let me bring some friends. every time i tried to hit the ball it would shrink to the size of a marble. if i thought about what a golf ball looked like when i closed my eyes it would grow back to normal, but once i opened my eyes again it would begin to shrink if i didn't concentrate enough. i got very frustrated and this caused me to change locations of the dream. i ended up being at my old job except it was raining and the roof was leaking and the doors squeaked when you pushed them open. all of my friends were in the room and they were wanting to go to a party but i was still upset about how i will never be good at golf and so i started yelling and went to look for my yearbook.
i decided to walk back to my house which in real life is probably 7 or 8 miles away. it was night out and raining but i started walking anyway. i got about half way there when i blinked and i was back in that building, looking for my yearbook. i didn't know how i got there. my boss pulled me into a room and told me behind the vending machine there is a lever and creates a portal. there was a crack in the floorboard and when by peeking in, you could see lightening waiting to be released. controlled lightening is the secret to time travel.
i pulled the lever, then pushed it back up, looked into the crack in the floor and then i was at my house. five seconds after that, i was back at work in that same room-but a week later. i was doing the same thing and the same people were there, and i had my yearbook again except this time i didn't look into the crack. when i went to push the vending machine back to cover the lever, my boss came up looking really upset at me. she didn't know what i was doing, even though she was the one that showed me it was there a week before. then i remembered that it was her subconscious that had sent me this information in the past. her subconscious had kept this a secret from her conscious mind, and that is why she didn't know there was a portal in her building. i woke up.

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