March 12, 2009

harry potter

nap time:

i was harry potter, and my dream was set in the movie the prisoner of azkaban so the majority of it was just me walking around doing the same things he does in the movie. except then things got different and we were in the basement of a castle with empty buckets of paint everywhere. snape said something fishy was going on, students were missing and i had to figure it out. he kept calling me potter and for the first time i understood why that is actually annoying to harry IR...L? i go outside and i am in a field of wheat and i see ron levitating a couple inches above the ground but still upright like he is standing, but more just floating. and he is petrified and his hair is blowing in the wind, but that is the only thing that is blowing. a few feet away i see a couple more students i don't know, then cho and hermione a few feet away from them. they are all just floating and their hair is the only thing that is moving. this is weird and it is creepy, but i'm not scared. its assumed that voldemort did this, common knowledge in my dream i suppose. then i see neville longbottom walking off in the distance up a hill. i can't see his face, but i can see his silhouette and i know it's him. he is humming and dragging his wand on the stalks like a stick on a fence. he is being severely creepy, but i am still not scared. because i am harry potter. i go to walk up to him to figure out why he is doing this, calm and collected but instead of course, i wake up.

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