March 04, 2010

bubble radio

in my dream i was back in new york at my house. i wasn't wearing pants but i had three shirts on. i walked into the basement and saw a bunch of people watching tv. the floor had a tiny walkway in between two gigantic beds taking up the whole room that were about three feet tall. i closed my eyes and i could still hear everyone. i climbed up into one of the beds, someone commented on my underwear and then pat my back. i got under the blankets. i woke up about an hour later and tried to go upstairs but i couldn't so i went out the garage and saw someone had moved my car. i walked up onto the front porch and my mom was angry with me because she thought i was out all night and i was now sneaking in. i said no no no no no i was sleeping and i kept touching my knees because it was cold out.

next i was at school. we were all sitting on this little cafe street and everyone was at a different cafe with their teacher. my teacher was real nice and looked like a combination between ewan mcgregor and david brent. he sort of looked like professor lupin too. he had real bad asthma and spoke quietly and carried a boom box around, but it was always turned off. i wondered about that a lot. the street was really busy and kind of dark. everyone was wearing black and i was listening to all the other teachers. one boy was talking about how come they dont serve tapped wine at restaurants and the teacher said it had something to do with childbirth. my teacher had an asthma attack and i felt really bad. i was sitting next to him and i could hear him wheezing. i looked up at the sky and it was black but still somehow there was light coming down to us. i saw bubbles going around my head. i looked over and my teacher had turned on the radio, except it was a bubble machine. it helped him breathe and then once he started talking it was actually the radio coming out of his mouth. he said he was sorry and that if we didn't want to hear this we should leave because he needed to work some things out. the radio kept playing when he would wheeze so it went in and out and in and out. but the bubbles continued to dance out of the radio and around our heads. i felt bad for my nice teacher.

next i was walking in the park with kallie and there was snow everywhere but i wasn't cold. i was hopping across sidewalks. kallie was telling me i should drop one of my classes and do something i love because that is what we are on this planet to do. and i saw a car coming but i hopped across the street fast enough so i was safe.

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