March 15, 2010

no no no

i was in my room but i couldnt' sleep so i had been up all night talking to alex on google chat just like normal things and my flat mate came in crying and i could hear her in real life i thought and i was just ilke oh shit my charger is in her room i have to go get it or else i wont be able to do anything and then when i got up to go get it someone came in and said that they found my credit card on the ground. but then i looked at it and it was janky as fuck and falling apart and the letters were coming off and i knew somehow someone had stolen my identity. which made me feel really weird inmy dream, like there was someone in my head or trying to get in my body. and then i couldnt control my legs to get my charger and the letters started falling off the name and also bullshit because they spelled it SHRIBER but the R fell off.
and since i couldnt move i couldnt help my crying friend and also alex kept saying stuff on google chat and even though i couldnt read it, i could still see it in my head. and he sounded really worried. and i felt less and less like myself and then i woke myself up because i realized i was completely awake and now i feel like i was just lying in bed with my eyes closed pretending the whole thing. so it is 530 am and i feel weird and not tired and also like a big baby

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